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Attack on Titan is overrated as fuck.
Pic unrelated
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That's a fact.
Nothing to discuss.
there are worse things that could be as overrated
sure, but i still think it's pretty good compared to other recent series of similar popularity
I don't know.

When we compare it to the first 25 episodes of other modern Shounen like Bleach, Naruto, FMA, and Rurouni Kenshin, I think it holds up pretty well and demonstrates significant improvement in terms of Direction, Animation, Voice Acting (sans Rie fans), Plotting, Reveals, Theme, Characterization, and Pacing.

I'm really old now and I've gone through a ton of these shows. SnK is probably the best so far in the genre, but then again, it hasn't been running long enough to get to the problem areas. Shounen generally nosedives after the first few arcs, where it becomes clear that there is a final arc that is being delayed for the sake of profitability.

Naruto filler, Bleach filler, Bleach No-Progress Arcs, Rurouni filler. And the characters are so much less annoying to deal with because they aren't as exaggerated as in most shows.

I don't know whether or not I'd consider it a 10/10, but personally I give it a 9 and I think it's really hard to argue that at worst it's below an 8/10. Given the space of the market/demographic of the story, it's way outperforming the competition.
look babys first troll

why dont ya go back to your friends on reddit, im sure they miss you
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>SnK pacing
i consider myself a fan and the pacing was without a doubt the worst part

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