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I dropped kill la kill at episode 8. After listening to this OST,
i want to start watching it again. Did it become good?
Funny thing is, i told 6 people to watch it and all fo them love it and keep telling me to start watch it again. All of them are plebs though and havent seen anything besides deathnote, attack on titan and the usual mainstream stuff. So basically their opinion, as "mean" as it sounds, does not count.
Nice blog.
Well if you were too big of a baby to enjoy it at episode 8 you probably won't like it now. It's still the same show.
Jeez. if you want to watch it again watch it. if you don't then don't. Don't come here and shit up the board with some blog like post trying to sound smug and superior to some people we don't care about or know, you just come off as a faggot.
Pleasantly surprised you didn't post the blazenkraut garbage people seem to masturbate furiously over, that track is actually pretty neat
It's still shit.
Damn you people get easily offended.
I see. Thanks for saving me time. I might just finally start watching ergo proxy.
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No, leave it dropped. Go back to Facebook to blog to your friends also.
>ergo proxy
God you're a massive fag.

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