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Do you ever watch any straightforward fanservice anime, /a/? For some reason everyone seems to prefer harems and romcoms, maybe some borderline hentai stuff like Kiss x Sis. But anything like Queen's Blade or Manyuu Hikenchou is just generally completely disregarded when it's airing.

Do you need male protagonists or something?
To be fair, I can see why no one watches them while they're airing, they're not worth it with censorship.
Well I like them, but I usually wait for the BDs before watching them.
You don't know what you're talking about OP
Is my theory wrong? Is it that you guys just prefer incest/loli fanservice instead?
He seems correct enough. Everyone sucks Highschool DxD or My Little Sister can't such a bitch's dick when they air but if something that isn't a straight harem airs like Queen's Blade or Manyuu Hikenchou, no one seems to pay attention to it. I was here when MH aired, you were lucky if you saw one or two thread about it each week. And with Queen's Blade Rebellion, no one actually went to really sub the series until CR step in. And they sub each episode 2 weeks later than it originally aired and a week later than the AT-X. Discussing QBR on /a/ was nearly dead.
Hell, look how it took each Vanquished Queen to get subbed. There isn't a demand for straight fanservice shows.

Most people don't want straight fanservice shows, they need a some shitty male lead to self insert into.
What do you really discuss in those shows that doesnt devolve into spoilered pics in 3 posts for the rest of the thread?

The plot/character relationships of those shows, if there is any, is completely overshadowed by fanservice.

There's no "best girl" either nor who will win the ___ cup because there is no male.

These shows aren't meant for discussion.

Next time one airs try to make a thread that actually promotes discussion, if the opening post is right and there is indeed any discussion to be had then it will happen.
No one talked about Hikenchou because the censors murdered the show, and Rebellion was not worth talking about to begin with.
>But anything like Queen's Blade or Manyuu Hikenchou is just generally completely disregarded when it's airing.
that's because those 2 shows are actually good, so there is nothing to discuss
The biglobe webrips were basically uncensored apart from a moan or two.
They were also in terrible quality and people would rather wait for the BD rips.

Lots of people talked about this show, but threads were slow.

To compare, Senran Kagura: The animation from last winter got several threads and still gets semi-frequent threads, even though the only male characters are people without any romantic interest in the primary cast.

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