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What do you want out of whatever new series they make eventually? I'd like a return of DNA evolution, a great concept that very little was done with. More interaction between children and Digimon besides their own would be a nice change as well
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Something more like Digimon Tamers than the last three series were, in terms of tone. World-eating abominations optional; things like questioning the nature of Digimon and the Digital World less so.
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What the fuck's up with all these Digimon threads recently? I thought it was for little kids, am I missing something? Should I watch it?
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>Should I watch it?
Might as well try, the music is great at least

Precure and One Piece are also for little kids. Doesn't stop /a/ from making threads about them and leaving everyone else to wonder why they still watch that stuff.
I assume I should start at the very beginning?
Not OP but one of the guys behind all te recent digimon threads, I created them becuse I wants to share my view on how awful xros war is. That is all
Awful compared to other anime, or awful compared to other Digimon seasons? Is Adventure 01 "good"?
Most of the series arent connected to each other and the few sequel series are shit so they can be disregarded so you could watch whatever you want. Probably better to watch Adventure, the 02 if you want to watch some shit, or Tamers if you want to watch gold
Awful as in awful

Both digimon and other anime

And yes adventure is great
I thought 02 was great until Edgemastermon showed up
True, all the Ken stuff did show a lot of promise and had some pretty great parts. But then Ken goes good and bland and the other 3 quarters of the show happen

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