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I finally get to Golden Time after watching all these new shows and then I get to this...


Who thought this was ok? How is this considered even music? It just sounds like a couple people playing the same line of music with as much staccato and fortissimo as fucking possible again and again. I can barely hear Hories voice.

Is there any OP anyone can think of that is worse quality than this?

this is worse
>Hear anons' opinions of the OP before watching
>Not bad, typical quiet intro
>Loud dynamics change, kinda cool
>Okay, this shit will probably end soon and we'll get into some a verse or something
>What the fuck it's over?
See, that's what I thought.
>Get through first round
Ok... it'll just end after a second one
>Starts after second
>hear Horie
What is this...

I literally had to check youtube and confirm that was the OP and that my file or headphones were retarded.
>Squeaky Voice
It's an earlier anime. They were pretty bad about that shit. They still pick squeaky people time to time. Nobody seems to enjoy it.

This is pretty bad, too. But I still wonder if any show comes close to as terrible audio balance as Golden Time's 2nd OP.
Fuck you, I liked it.
It takes a few listens, but it's actually not too bad. I'm not even into that kind of music either.

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