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One of my favorite moments in jojo is realising that there's no payoff or plot twist involving Josuke's saviour as a child. It wasn't him from the future, it was just a kind man helping out another human being, and it impacted Josuke for the rest of his life, and ultimately led him on a path that would see him save his town from many threats.

It was simply a good deed from one human being to another, there were no special powers, no time travel twists or anything, just a good man helping a person in need.

What does /a/ think?
It was clearly Josuke in that page.
The author simply changed his mind.
He does it all the time, writing without a plan.

Like the president in sbr who was a chubby midget in the first appearances.
What if Part 4 Josuke is in jojolion, having reconstructed some parts of his world, with the wall eyes being the result?
that was just a president from another dimension

I think you're just mistaking the fact Araki has sameface syndrome. Somebody imitating another's hairstyle will make him look identical.

And the president changing is because absorbed a part of Jesus, methinks.
funny valentine literally becomes buff BECAUSE of the corpse parts.

not to say araki doesn't off the cuff shit, like tsurugi suddenly being 7 years older or changing going underground's name
no no, look at the pages, he was a fat shorty
he didn't only change in appearance but also in attitude, he went from snobbish douchebag to heroic patriot
I just finished reading part 4. I had to use duwang for the last few chapters and I have a few questions.

1) How did hayato suddenly know what stands are, and details of everyone's abilities despite not being able to see them, and nobody directly referring to them as stands at that point?

2) Does everyone who dies in morioh get to choose to keep living as a ghost in the alley?

3) How did the bomb even kill Kira's father? Can you blow up ghosts in this story?

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