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File: Claymore_78_19.png (213 KB, 836x1200)
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is it just me or is Claymore turning into being super-awesome while berserk has turned into super-shitsome these past months?
Claymore was never awesome. Berserk has gone downhill ever since there was no demonrape.
Both are fine.
It's because Claymore has more women.

QFT. Both main characters have excellent histories of rape.
shit, i hate goddamn swordfag manga. just give me a series full of concentrated demonrape and i can be content.

The reason for Caska's insanity: acceptable.
A faggot fighting using magical wind: unacceptable.
>>just give me a series full of concentrated demonrape
Then it's just porn
I would turn straight for these women!!!!
A faggot fighting using magical wind: unacceptable. = true story
I wouldn't know, I stopped reading Berserk after the story started revolving around Griffith again. I'll read the current arc in one go after it's finished 5 years from now.
last chapter of berserk had something to do with thousands of naked womminz putting on kushan armor and walking out of a castle. Maybe they will be all killed accidentally and everything will be good again.
So, has Claymore now gone from "LOL OWNED! INSTANT MOVEMENT!" fighting to the next level "LOL OWNED! MIRROR IMAGES BY INSTANT MOVEMENT!" like Goku did?
>>10025393 A faggot fighting using magical wind: unacceptable.
Probably the worst thing about berserk right now. I loeved that the manga produced an interesting fencer. Looked like a generic fag at first then he turned out to be a cool one with a sistercon and slave fetish. Was also a cunning fighter, interested in getting terrain advantages. And then bam, bullshit magical weapon. How do I raped character that I took so much time to make acceptable with back story.
Berserk is goddamn fucking slow. I know quality art requires some temporal investment but, Christ, Miura will become an hero before he finishes.

If there's one thing that's nice about Claymore, it's that it hasn't gone to Namek. Yet.
File: 1204667988178.jpg (146 KB, 407x476)
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>>10025850 If there's one thing that's nice about Claymore, it's producing lesbian fanart

Claymore was always awesome, its just the last 3-4 episodes of the Anime kinda sucked.
The manga has always been great, the anime was shit though. Not because it was different from the manga but because it fucking didn't have any animation whatsoever, it was basically a slide show.
File: 1204668789088.png (842 KB, 1745x1400)
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Obligatory picture is obligatory.
Berserk is slow because he wants to get the story right. He just ran out of plot, and he doesn't want to get into filler crap like other shonen, so he'd rather take things slow.
how can berserk turn super shitty when its only released one chapter in the last six+ months and Guts wasnt even in it... oh wait nm.
Claymore is awesome because the women in it don't feel like females. One of the only series that has female characters that I don't hate.
When you "run out of plot", you should just end things.
File: 1204669146894.jpg (383 KB, 1000x1430)
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Claymore needs more porn.

Also, have you noticed Clare becoming cool and spicy over the course of the series ?
File: 1204669172805.jpg (173 KB, 800x642)
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I counter with my trap card.

The thing I hate about Claymore is the not-woman women, they are emotionless blobs, not characters.
That's what you've got Raki for

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