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/a/nons who haven't watched Higurashi : tell what you know about the plot from what you readed in threads.
Hard mode : Do it with Umineko too.
K1 kills everyone with a bat. Rena kills everyone with an axe. Green haired bitch is a crazy bitch. Satoshi is gay. Rika drinks alcohol and makes funny things to my penis.
Umineko was about crazy witches that (oh) desire to kill. That's all I got from it.
Small bombs
Umineko is about Battler who punches witches with magic and doesn't believe in magic and there's Kinzo who goes on fire and has OH DESIRE. Also there's BEOTORICE and grown-up Rika doing witch shit and trolling everybody. Someone is fat and has glasses and there's a fighting game for some reason.
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then you didn't understand what Umineko meant. Congratulations
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Hello, my name is Ronoue Genji. I am going to take the product of incest rape child of my master, and raise him as a girl with the intention of eventually delivering him back to his rapist father. I will also employ him as a child servant in a job that is universally agreed to be difficult even for young adults by the woman who tried to murder him as a baby. I'll lie to him his entire life and let him go friendless and depending on shit like witch fantasies to cope with his terrible life, but it will all be worth it when my master meets him again, feels better about raping his own daughter, and gets a peaceful death.

Then I guess I'll tell this child they're actually a disfigured man and the product of rape and give him the switch to a giant bomb and a bunch of guns. What could go wrong?
Hanyuu timeloops again and again and they keep killing each other until they can break oyashiro's curse or something.

Some redhead guy tries to tell witches that they aren't real meanwhile everyone dies and/or is a witch and somehow lineages are involved so I assume someone gets colored spinning eyes.
K1 and friends have fun
K1 and friends goes crazy
Everyone kills everyone
Time loop, rinse and repeat until K1 is not crazy anymore.

There was once a prince on a white horse and shiny armor who promised to pick up the princess out from her castle but forget about it. Princess goes crazy and try to kill everyone.

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