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Should I watch cicadas or pirate the VN somehow? I know the art looks like shit on the VN so it's not 100% appealing but I heard it's better somehow.
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You can just patch it you know.
Whats wrong with paw hands?
oh shit really? well then is it easy to patch or is it kinda complicated? I'm trying to find a good torrent for it but I can't find this shit anywhere
Learn Japanese so you can play the console version.

Not for the art though, but because it's voiced.
Patch isn't that hard to find. I did this with french patch so I can't really help you (by the way, the french traduction is much better than the english one, too bad for you no-french-speaking-fags)

And read the VN. If you watch the anime, you'll blame yourself for the 10 next years. Discovering Cicadas with the VN and trying to find the truth yourself, basing on the tips and things like that is a pleasure that can't be topped.
Seriously this. I wish I could go back and not watch the anime first.
It's ok. You can relax by listening to Dear You. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NABSgiM4IM

And then, remember you'll never live in Hinamizawa and play games with the club. And then you can cry.
Why is reality so cruel?
I probably should read the Tsukihime and seacat VN's. Umineko anime was so all over the place that I felt like I was watching DUWANG, the animated series. As for Tsukihime...
...I wonder when they'll animate it?
Because you don't have a bat.
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>summer in animoo
>cicada's sound fucking everywhere

why are they everywhere or its just japs are obsessed with them?
they're in a lot of places and it's a great way of representing summer because they're only out in the summer

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