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just finished the series and was wondering in which order to watch the films in.

inb4 recommendation thread
Nice capitalization.
From the first to the last one, then watch third and fourth while replying endless eight in the background.
This order:
Wait until 4.0 of Rebuild comes out then watch it.
Then watch 2.0 of Rebuild
Then End of Evangelion
Then re-watch the first 5 episodes of the anime
Then 1.0 of rebuild
Then 3.0 of rebuild
Top it off with Death & Rebirth
Death and Rebirth -> End of Evangelion -> Rebuilds
you just watch EoE and be happy of how great the series were!

or you can fuck everything up and watch the movies.
Thank you, e-mail added.
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EoE is a must, and you should watch it straight away.
Rebuilds are completely optional.
Death is unnecessary if you've seen the Director's Cut episodes.
Have fun.

Get a load of this nerd.
Don't listen this neckbeard.
End of Eva is the final step for neon genesis. Then rebuilds in numerical order if you want to go that route.
wtf is this
The proper order.

I said I watched the series never said I liked it
Watch Death & Rebirth
Then watch the Anime
(Some might say watch End of Evangelion before episodes 25-26 but fuck that)
Watch 1.11
Watch 2.22
Watch 3.33
Watch End of Evangelion

I did it this order first run through and have a pretty good understanding of the series
Why on earth did you start with Death and Rebirth?
Honestly I downloaded a torrent with the Anime series and Death&Rebirth came included.

Regardless, its a great taste of the series of and leaves you with enough "What?!?" to make you watch everything else.
If you don't like it first you can always save it for last.
Starting with Death is retarded, sorry.
Director's Cut episodes include all the extras anyway.
oh my fucking christ

just watch 1-26 (with directors cut episodes) and then EOE, that's fucking it
Production order, you autist.
Should i watch platinum or dont?
I want to know the best way to watch the 26 episodes
Also, should i watch EoE before the last two episodes of the series?
>Should i watch platinum or dont?
Yes, and with the directors cut versions of episodes 21 through 24 if you don't intend to watch Death.
>Also, should i watch EoE before the last two episodes of the series?
No. Do not believe people who say this. They are retarded.
Oh thanks
I thought that watching EoE in the middle would be stupid, i want to feel the wtf experience everyone felt
It sounds like you have enough common sense to just watch shit in the order it came out, like you're supposed to, so why make a thread?
Because i saw an image that explain that EoE need to be before the final episodes, it says that its the true ending and the other one was bullshit because of budget and all that shit, but the series was good before EoE
Don't ever listen to dumb shit like that. The replies in this thread are proof enough that plenty of people will tell you to watch things in a stupid order.

Just watch shit in the order it came out, no matter what it is. You won't go wrong.
Death and Rebirth if you like recaps and directors cuts.
Rebuild 1.11
Rebuild 2.22
Rebuild 3.0. But you also might want to wait till Rebuild Finale comes out, just because 3.0 is weird as hell
Why Death and Rebirth?
Isnt the platinum collection or Evangelion Renewal
*better (i fuck up)
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Buy a toaster
But your hand in it
Set it on fire
Go on computer
Download Retake
Open VLC
Watch it
Take a rest
Download episode 9, 15 and 23
Watch 1.11
Get wasted
Watch 2.22
Watch rest of NGE
Go on /a/ and call it total shit
No, no, no...
You have the first two right, but then you have to watch episodes 26-22 in reverse.
After that you watch episodes 9-14 and then 1.0 You then proceed to watch the first 30 minutes of Death and Rebirth and then 3.0, then 1.0. Afterwards, you finish it off by watching the rest of the series episode in opposite airing order and finish it off with the rest of Death and Rebirth.

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