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Mirai Nikki master race reporting in.
Just started watching this. Nothing but good times. Even the soundtrack is good.

ITT: People with taste.

No, but really, this shit's awesome. No idea why it gets so much hate. Probably /a/ socialfagging meme, like Cat hate in Monogatari.
Watching this actually pissed me off for some reason. Dropped it after like 3 episodes.
Wise choice, anon.
/a/ actually loves the series, yet hates the people like OP who found out about the series when the anime came out, and started making shitty threads like this one.
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Everyone can have their own opinions of things. It's just that one should take care in how they go about sharing that on this board, because it will invite lulz and shitstorms in equal measure.

As someone who greatly enjoyed the show but also experienced a great deal of frustration when watching it, I completely understand where you two are coming from.


Don't speak for the whole of /a/ about anything, ever. As long as there is even one anon out there who feels differently, that's all it takes to invalidate your claim. Generalizing is never a good idea.

Some enjoyed it, some didn't. Some hated it but liked the ride, and others still completely dropped it before they ever found out where the story went. That's just the usual ebb and flow of watching Chinese cartoons.


In the future, OP, don't start a thread like this if you actually want to invite some kind of reasonable destruction. To keep it inelegant yet brief, you should lurk moar.

Yuno is best girl and mai waifu.
File: Yuno happy realization.jpg (34.53 KB, 465x410)
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I have a question, like a serious one that confuses me. And I figure this thread, with its experts on yandere could help me.

What if a boy is yandere for a girl?
What if the girl is a slut?
Would he let her sleep with guys so she could be happy?
Would he delude himself into thinking she's still pure and is only doing this to make others happy?

If the girl is a slut, that won't affect her. It's just that everyone she bangs will potentially be lying in a pool of their own blood shortly after the guy finds out. Of course, there's always the whole "kill you so no one else can have you" thing that may come into play, but let's not get into that.

For the last two, it really depends on the characters and their history. Not all yanderes are the same, and while some might carry that delusion forward, some others will probably get possessed by a rage that exceeds the brightness of ten thousand supergiant stars as they proceed to kill everyone that interferes with their "love," maybe even the object of their love as well.
I watched the entire show and the one thing that upset me the most was her voice, especially when saying his name. I don't even want to fucking write it here right now because god damn that was the worst piece of shit shrill I have ever had the displeasure of hearing and reading it would just give the the worst headaches possible. What sort of demon fucking thing came up with that need to say his fucking name multiple times a god damn episode in the worst crackling chalkboard scraping, unholy mother of god voice? Fuck this show for having such an awful pussy protagonist and double fuck this show for having a repulsive name that some crazy stupid nigger pink haired slut had to say.

You are the worst.

Hey, that's another common source of dissent among viewers. But you know what?

At least it's not Kurosaki-kuuuun.
It was ok. Change of pace it seemed at the end but I feel it explained what was going on, I understood it pretty well but Yuno was a dip shit and most times when I would be rooting for her I'd end up thinking "Nigger what are you doing?!" but overall it was okay.
But what if he already knows?
Would he ignore it for her sake? Or would he threaten to end her "partners" if they ever tried to pursue anything more than meaningless sex?

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