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We should settle this:

What are the differentiating factors between "moe" and "kawaii"?
moe = pedo cute
kawaii = girly cute
Lurk moar, faggot.
Seriously, one cannot be told, one knows.
moe makes your pants wet

The second just means cute.

The first is mostly nonsense, and can be applied to virtually anything under the sun. Including gaming rigs and trains.
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moe makes your nutbladder explode
kawaii is cute, things can be cute but not moe.

oh, and this belongs on /jp/
Doesn't fucking matter.

Everyone on /a/ and /jp/ uses it wrong anyways.
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MOE is a character that makes you want to protect from the tainted world
Kawaii is just a cute girl
Moe is a character trait attached to certain characters (mainly female) that elicits the feeling of a "desire to protect" from the audience. This feeling always brought forth by some circumstance or attribute that belittles the character, such as acting in a helplessly naive fashion (), some crippling illness (Misuzu, AIR), are simply the classic "maiden in distress" (Rukia, Bleach), or are simply younger (So many examples...) and therefore on a relative scale empowers the protagonist (and by extension, the audience) in the context of the plot. Obviously the attribute is argued among characters and there are conflicts of opinions as to who can be categorized as moe and who cannot, but generally the trends for moe are always present in the above forms. Which is why you never see a woman who was completely self-reliant, of mature age, has worldly knowledge, et cetera considered moe. As primal as it may be, women as equals is not an enticing idea for men with low self-esteem (Read /a/ and Japs).
Moe is what /a/nonymous uses
Kawaii is what weaboo uses
Forgot an example for helplessly naive, but i guess Noe from True Tears would fit. Above acting naive, she also has naive beliefs.
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Flaming Moe
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fucking nigger
cute, not pedo.
File: 1204664488742.jpg (94 KB, 540x600)
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<<< moe

and THAT word means "cute".
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Fang Girls are MOE.

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