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Well more specifically Trans characters.

I started watching MM!, I thought it'd be funny.
Yet I was surprised one of the characters seemed to be Trans.

Though once again it sums it down to "Cross-dressing". Why can't general anime ever understand trans characters. I guess i shouldn't complain.

Yet I wish that a show like this wouldn't turn to what a real life person would be into nothing but a cross dresser for a thrill.

When a character really comes off as trans.

I really want to like this show and laugh at it, but it's bugging me every-time a character like the MC's best friend is still being called a man.

Allot of animes tend to rely on sterotypes of LGBT people.

The flaming gay guy.
The leacherous lesbian/bi girl.
The supposed transgirl/man whos still being called by their birth gender.

I am not going to go all SGW, but I'd like to know /a/'s thoughts.
I personally love trans/traps/etc girls and find it a shame we can't have more then one show that properly addresses it. (there was that one, but that was super serious)

In a common anime tone. Yet we can't have a show with a guy and a transgirl liking each other nope to riscae. When we pass off Kil la Kill and more as proper anime.

The last technically good anime I've seen in a while is Space Dandy.
Yet sexuality seems to be nothing more then a joke in certain shows and not a subject that is still fully accepted.

I'm not saying content that is in shows like spacedandy is bad. I love that show. I'm just saying the overall line between pornographic shows and ecchii,etc is slowly blurring.

I feel a good middle ground is if a show that had this stuff or even had lgbt characters still didn't stereotype all of it's characters.

Yet I think i am asking to much of anime.

How can anime properly present LGBT people.
What Do you think is up with the decline of general anime into ecchii and pornographic areas. Sex Sells.

Not your blog.
Fuck off back to /v/ with your SJW crap.
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I am asking your opinion /a/.

I'm not attacking you.

I'm not going to respect you any if you keep yelling at me and act immature.

You show no indication of asking for an opinion on the anime, as soon as you talked about yourself.

Not your blog.
It's cool that you have different interests and all, but stop. Japan probably doesn't even care about this shit half as much as the west does. And /a/ is certainly not the place to find people interest in this discussion. Please be reasonable and desist.
( ゚∀゚)o彡゚もう一回!もう一回!( ゚∀゚)o彡゚もう一回!もう一回!( ゚∀゚)o彡゚もう一回!もう一回!
☆-=三 ̄_   ☆=三 ̄_☆-=三 ̄_ ☆-=三 ̄_☆=三 ̄_  ☆-=三 ̄_ ☆=三 ̄_☆-=三
❀゚*。・゚✿*・.❀・*゚✿ ゚・゚*❀゚*。・✿❀゚*。・゚✿*・.❀・*゚✿ ゚・゚*❀゚*。・✿❀゚*。・゚✿**・✽.。❀゚・*・✽.。❀゚・*
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While This could go in /LGBT/ I feel that 2/3 of my conversation is more about anime.

Such as the ever present degeneration of what we find acceptable.

Such as the acceptance of moeblobs and extremely mature themes and sexual content on stuff that airs on tv now.

I consider to love Ru to be nothing more then a hentai anime that is trying to pass by as a ecchii.

I feel Stuff like queens blade isn't as bad due to the fact it's not really shown on tv ( I may be wrong) and it's not as blatent when it comes to where it's sold.

You can buy manga magazines that have shut like To Love Ru. In it. And see content worse then Queens Blade often.

I don't Hate Ecchii, but I wish we had some list of rules in what can be sold where. I don't support the manga ban, but How can we be respected if we do not have dignity.
IRC are trying hard at the moment. This thread, those naruto threads

Now it's just plain copypasta. If you want respect, learn to deal with something different from you.

Atleast that kind of stuff is sold on their own ground and their own terms.

>Such as the ever present degeneration of what we find acceptable.

Take it to /pol/
I want degenerates to leave.
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You are my greatest ally.
Go back to /pol/ and take OP with you.
The best friend of the mc in moyashimon is a cross dresser. There is no such thing as transgender.
Slay the gays!
I haven't posted on /a/ in months.

I do not like how I can watch an anime.
From this year and it keeps ending up being obsessive moeblob harems.

It's flooding the market more and I dislike it.
I feel it puts a worse presentation on how anime is viewed.

I've lost track of my thoughts. If you want to talk about your waifus and moe moe girls go ahead.

But I don't care for it.

Also I hate /pol/ I'll take my "blog" to LGBT then a board totally about the over arching themes of anime and how anime represents different types of people.
>From this year and it keeps ending up being obsessive moeblob harems.
>It's flooding the market more and I dislike it.

Incorrect, what you do is target what's significantly popular, so you can have an negative opinion on it.

I'm sure you're thinking "I can't let them know that I haven't researched my anime, I'll lose easily." and that's how your argument falls flat.

Lurk more, refrain from blogging in your opinion that coincides with Anime/Manga and maybe you'll get serious replies.
>From this year and it keeps ending up being obsessive moeblob harems.
>It's flooding the market more and I dislike it.

Completely false and only said by people who don't come to /a/. Fuck off, troll.
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You're wrong. Get over it and go back to your faggot board.

Can people just report his every post?
I shouldn't even be considering a serious response, but fuck it.
Japan basically acts like gay people are like the boogieman: a fantastical monster. Go check out the video by Medama-sensei. You'd have to change the whole country before you even think about anime.
Also these types of ecchi shows have always been around, and there probably only appears to be more because you're starting to recognize it, when previously you probably would have only watched whatever became popular in the west. Just take a look at the shows that aired 10 years ago. It's not too different.
I know. Yet I haven't ever seen an anime that has a show where a character like that would be a legit trans person.

It seems that it's shunned more or misunderstood. A person like that in real life would most likely be trans.

The demeanor of the character does too. I find it annoying that his friend would still be refereed to as a man.
Honestly I know things won't change to that. I just think it'd be nice if there was an understanding of this more in asian media.

For instance one of the protagonists in gurren lagann is a homosexual stereotype to the 11th degree. It's sort of funny yet comes off as cliche or sort of offensive.

Such as a gay or trans person being the butt of a joke. Since its not the social norm.

Already doing so.
We don't fucking care go back to tumblr. Jesus.

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