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I just got finished reading this, can anyone suggest some other stuff like it?
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it's darker and a lot more violent than holyland, but it's pretty good.
Seconding this. Also, if you liked Holyland then check out Suicide Island by the same guy.
If you like realistic martial arts, you could try MMA manga like Teppuu or All Rounder Meguru.
If you like the style of writing (gripping plot but still very well documented), you should read Suicide Island by the same author. Story setup sounds like dumb Battle Royale shit, but don't let it deter you from reading, it's an amazing survival manga.
Eden: It's an Endless World

Some good martial arts and a coming of age story of a boy growing up into a man. Also, suffering.
I dropped Suicide Island fairly quickly. It's pretty mediocre and full of idiotic, unrealistic drama. This coming from someone who loved Holyland, but I can only so much angst, and the author doesn't seem to be able to write more than one kind of story.
It wasn't really my cup of tea so I only read a few chapters but I was thinking about giving it another shot. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly didn't you like about it?
All Rounder Meguru
Garouden or Shin Garouden, though the latter is not translated yet, to my knowledge. Itagaki's art style is.... wonky, though. Also, the ending sucks ass.
Frankly for a manga with an island full of suicidal people, it's less edgy and angsty than Holyland.sa

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