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So... About VEOH (yes, I know I'm still banned for couple of days but I absolutely had to get this out of my system and since it's for the common good... anyways). Lately I have been kind of advertising it in /a/. You know, all that babling about fast torrent quality downloads and latest series getting updated within the biggest downloadable anime archive ever. Well... The thing is........ Today I had this sudden mood for GITS (all SAC -of course-) and decided to stream it. No, actually I decided to .avi quality stream it, VEOH style. Anyways, ep 1 was a bit difficult to find as usual since VEOH only searches for 50 first matches but there it was, eventually. It's just that it does not start streaming. And I was like WTF, well I gotta make some coffee and wash the dishes'n'shit, so why don't I download it? Why indeed? One single episode seems to take like 8 fucking hours to download! And I'm talking about the average 30 min ep here. This is shit. So there was this other stream I tried. Whadda 'ya know it's a fucking russian dub and there is absolutely no info that I'm currently getting slav shit all over my comp. Actually it turns out that all of the .avi quality GITS episodes are either spic, slav or deutsch dubs. What the fuck, man? Why? Honestly I just want to check out couple GITS SAC eps just for the hell of it and I don't even mind the english dub as long as it's all easily accessible. So here I am, without my GITS typing this crap out. Thanks VEOH.
I heard a dog bark
fucking whore
veoh's useless without sidereel
Wall of text
srsly... nobody cares
helping is good anon, but know when to hold back
Apart from Stage6, Veoh is still my favourite way of getting anime without slow-ass torrents or HUGE file downloads.
it took me 2 seconds so I don't care
if he just shortened his post to "where can I find streaming GITS? Veoh fails" it wouldn't cause so much rage

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