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Your waifu is confirmed for being sht
For the last time faggot, I'm telling you to stop this shit because THE DATA IS ALL GONE.
File: fullplate.jpg (85.19 KB, 520x486)
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>Face showing
>No armour between thighs and plate
>no shield
>open joints

3/10 would pincushion with bolts
>making comments about usefulness in actual battle
Look at him. Look at him and laugh.
Look at this light armor fag. I bet you think dual wield is better than sword and shield.
Say that to my face on the field and see what happens, tough guy.
See this spear?
Not any more, because you're dead, because you just got steamrolled by charging knights.

If it can protect against peasant weapons, all is well
Historically the best melee fighters in history wore no armor and often times little clothing. Full plating like that is too heavy and too restrictive for anything more than jousting.

Lenessia would dance in circles around platemail-kun and bash the back of his head in with a mace while struggling to keep that long hair out of her (and his) armor.

But this is LH we're talking about, it would be drastically different with skills that negate the worn weight of the armor without affecting it's mass.
which melee fighters are you referring to?
Spartans, Scottish, and Egyptians come to mind immediately. My history isn't as great as I'd like it to be. Just understand I'm not talking military tactics. Some of the greatest -armies- did in fact use a myriad assortment of heavy armor, but that doesn't mean one of these heavily armored troops could take an equally skills unarmored opponent in an arena.

Check out >>100236805. Front left's shoulders don't articulate properly. Front center / left can't turn their head fully. Most have horribly gimped vision and hearing and that's before considering what 60 lbs of iron feels like to wear.
while heavy armor would be really bad, light armor would still usually be a lot better than unarmored. It depends on the used weapons, though.
She's using an ornamental armor anyways.

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