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Seriously, the cliffhangers were very well done, even in the recap episode.

Makes me wonder what would EVA thread look like if it aired in this season?
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>picture of Rei
post consists of "slut" written over and over

>picture of Asuka
post consists of "bitch" written over and over

>picture of Misato & Shinji talking
"When do they fuck?"

>picture of Rei & Asuka talking
"When do they fuck?"

>Pic related
"When do they fuck?"

>picture of Pen Pen
"Doujins when?"

>Picture of extra background character with no relevance
"Best girl thread"

>Discussion worthy post about story or plot elements
Ignored. 404s with no replies

>Gendo's glasses & scowl shopped into other anime
"Get in the damn robot, Reiji"
"Get in the damn robot, Super Sonico"
"Get in the damn robot, Renge"
"Get in the damn robot, Yui"

>picture of EVA girls
"When Neon Genesis would you Evangelion?"

Some threads starters on /a/ are predictable.
you got me anon. 10/10
Like KLK threads.
Too bad thread starters don't make a thread.

Starting theads like that just get attention on the fast board that is /a/, and the threads would fall into discussion, speculation and the obvious waifu wars with the occasional '2deep4ushit', 'MOTW bullshit' troll posts

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