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Why couldn't they team Knov up with Meleoron to take on the Chimera ant King instead of risking even more lives?

Just get these 2 to sneak in the palace with Meleo's God Accomplice and have Knov decapitate the King with his handy portal ability. He wouldn't know what hit him. All royal guard would see is the king's head disappearing in a blink of an eye.

They could have saved Palm while they were at it too.
King knows everything.
Why didn't Frodo and Co. fly the Eagles into Mordor?
Knov is in full PTSD because of Pufu's En.
Being close to the King isn't even remotely possible for him.
Also God's Accomplice only lasts as long as Meleoron holds his breath.

From the start the plan has been Netero vs King while everyone else distracts the royal guards.
Why did the Patriots 18-1 after they were caught cheating?
Knov wouldn't participate due to his trauma
Because Knov would shit his pants
Too bad Netero is complete shit and loses like a bad.
There is no guarantee that Knov's ability would be able to kill the king. You may say "no it totally would, don't be stupid", but the entire preparation about storming the castle has been about not underestimating the king and the royal guards. If Knov failed, they would not only lose Knov, but Meleoron who is a big key in their plan.

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