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File: anon1.jpg (166.58 KB, 583x861)
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As the sun slowly comes up, it peers through your curtain lighting up your tiny apartment. The light fills your room slowly waking you up. "Ah... finally my first day of college..." You felt excited, your heart beats faster and faster.

You wake up earlier than your alarm clocks could wake you. You get ready as soon as fast as you can. Brushing your teeth, changing your clothes, taking a shower and preparing breakfast. "I guess this is the life of a college student" You smile to yourself.

Just a week ago, you still lived in the countryside. However when you got accepted to a university in the big city your parent's got so excited that they were with you 100%. "Go make something out of yourself Anon!" They give you their words of encouragement.

After breakfast is over you get some left overs from last night and turn it into your lunchbox. "Finally done!" You smile to yourself. However you still had some left overs left. "Hmm maybe I should make Shuu-kun a lunchbox as well..."

He was a very lazy guy, so as his childhood friend, you knew for sure that he wouldn't be making himself a lunch. "Shuu has always been lazy..."

[ ] Be a good childhood friend, make him a bentou box.

[ ] You can't keep taking care of him forever

[ ] Custom
>brushing your teeth before breakfast

Fucking what?
I do it, because I hate brushing out bits of food.
Rush a sorority, get smashed and fuck at least three guys on the rugby team. You know, usual frosh girl stuff.

Oh, sorry. As an anime girl? Uh...
[x] You can't keep taking care of him forever, relent, then [x] be a good childhood friend, make him a bentou box.
File: shuu.jpg (164.24 KB, 500x740)
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164.24 KB JPG
"I can't keep taking care of him forever!" You think to yourself. You relent but as you try and leave for school, there was something that prevented you from leaving. Was it your duty to Shuu?

Little by little you try and list facts that tries to convince yourself to just leave but you found yourself making the lunchbox for him anyways.

"I can't just leave Shuu alone..." For the longest time he has always depended on you for everything. He has depended on you from schoolwork to even tricking you into doing his chores for him. However you didn't mind it, after all he has also taken care of you in his own way.

"I should surprise him too!" You excitedly whisper to yourself. Because of your condition he got a room right beside yours. He also leaves the keys under the welcome mat in case you needed him for anything.

You put on your hearing aids that look like headphones. Afterwards you were ready to go. "Time to surprise Shuu!" Sneakily and quietly you go next door to Shuu's room.

Since you were a child, you have been diagnosed by an illness that is slowly taking away your hearing. Luckily it seems like the disease has stalled. Especially since you were going to a musical college.

Just as you thought, Shuu's door was unlocked. Sneaking into his room you were planning to straddle him in his bed and wake him up by surprise. However when you open his door, you were the one that gets surprised.

"Ara? who might you be?" Shuu seems to have slept with another girl that night. You didn't know why, but somewhere deep in your heart, you felt pain.

[ ] "M-Me? I-I'm just Shuu's friend."

[ ] "I'm Shuu's girlfriend... and who are you?"

[ ] Custom
[x] "M-Me? I-I'm just Shuu's friend."
Let's not pick a fight until we know more.
First option
It's called, energy conservation.
>M-Me? I-I'm just Shuu's friend
[x] "I'm Shuu's girlfriend... and who are you?"
File: mami2.jpg (412.79 KB, 739x900)
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"O-Oh me? I-I'm just Shuu's friend..." You have always hated confrontation so you immediately try and clear up any misunderstanding. Shuu has always been popular with girls. "Ah I should be used to this by now..." You whisper to yourself, but you still felt a sting in your heart.

"Is that so? he never told me he had such a cute friend!" She sticks out her hand to you. "My name is Mami, how about yours?"

Shaking her hand you introduce yourself. "My name is Anon, nice to meet you"

"Anon? what are you doing with Mami?" You hear Shuu's voice call out to you from his bed.

"N-Nothing! I'm not doing anything with her!" You could hear Mami's girlish giggle as she laughs at you becoming flustered.

After Shuu wakes up, Mami starts to make him breakfast. "So are you excited for your first day Anon?" He asks you as he yawns.

"Y-Yeah I guess I am..." You are left alone with Shuu as Mami cooks in the kitchen. "Hey Shuu..." You call out to him.

"Hmm? what is it?"

"I... I made you a lu-" Before you could finish you hear Mami yell from the kitchen.

"Shuu-kun, I made you a lunchbox from our leftovers from last night, is that okay with you?"

Shuu with a lovey dovey smile on his face yells back at her. "Thanks Mami-chan!" He then looks back at you. "What were you saying Anon?"

[ ] "Oh it's nothing" Mami has Shuu covered.

[ ] "I made a lunchbox for you as well"

[ ] Custom
>[ ] "I made a lunchbox for you as well"
This, but more stuttering.
My lunchbox is better than that bitches.

Make the MC best girl, not a faggot
[x] Drop the lunchbox you made and run away crying
Let's combine this shit.
Inner monologue about how your lunchbox is superior than hers.
You stutter and say that you made a lunchbox while having tears down your eyes.
This one
voting closed
Drop lunchbox; run away - 2

I made a lunchbox for you as well - 1

"My lunchbox is better than that bitch's" - 2

combine - 1

Waiting on tie breaker.
File: delinquent.png (144.62 KB, 785x561)
144.62 KB
144.62 KB PNG
"I-It's nothing Shuu" You force yourself to smile. However when you felt tears coming down your cheeks, you knew you couldn't let Shuu see you cry. "I-I have to go Shuu-kun!" You run away as fast as you can.

Your mind was too preoccupied about getting out of there as fast as you could that when you felt the lunchbox you made for Shuu drop out of your bag, you just kept running.

"Anon!" Shuu tries to stop you but you were too quick.

"I have to get out of here" You run downstairs as fast as you could while wiping the tears away from your eyes. Getting on your bike, you ride out of there as fast as you could.

"Shuu you idiot" YOu whisper to yourself over and over again.

The cool wind and fresh air calms your heart down a bit. You were just about to arrive at the school campus when suddenly you start to feel lightheaded. "What is this?" You ask yourself as your vision starts to become blurry.

It only lasted for a split second, but it was enough to throw you completely off-balance. "Kya!" You struggle to regain control of your bike. Unfortunately you couldn't do it in time and you crash into a bunch of motorcycles parked by a convenience store.

"Ouch..." You whisper to yourself as you see scratches on your knees. Blood drips down your leg as you pick yourself up from the pavement. You felt lucky to even be alive, however your feelings of relief would last for mere moments.

"Did you see that guy? oh man... I can't believe what you did to that guy aniki!" A group of boys who look like your stereotypical delinquents walk out of the convenience store. Right then and there, you felt a bad feeling in your gut.

"What the hell!? who did this to our bikes?!" Their angry cries freezes you in terror. "Who did it?" They look around until finally, a scared bystander points to you. Then, the guy who looks to be their leader walks up to you.

"Did you do this? how are you going to pay for the damages?"

[ ] Custom
[x] Cry some more. Mumble about a guy driving too fast
[x]be a little whore and cry.
Refuse to pay, then ready your Magical Girl Transformation Catalyst and get ready for a fight
[x] Cry some more. Mumble about a guy driving too fast.
File: sakura.jpg (303.52 KB, 1024x1200)
303.52 KB
303.52 KB JPG
"U-Umm..." Is this the delinquents you have been hearing about?! The pressure gets to you and you try and come up with an excuse but all he could hear was you babbling about a guy driving too fast.

"What are you talking about?" The boy keeps pressuring you. "I don't care what you are saying but you will pay for this..."

"S-sorry..." You manage to whimper to him as your eyes start to water. He then grabs your arm to prevent you from running away. Your heart beats faster as you get scared.

Just when all hope was lost you hear a female voice from behind you. "What the hell are you doing?"

Immediately, you saw the terror in the boy's eyes. He immediately lets go of your arm. "N-Nothing onee-chan!"

"You stupid little... I told you not to bully people didn't I?" You look back to see a girl in men's clothing. "Get out of here Shin" She scares the leader of the delinquents away.

"Y-Yes onee-chan!" With one glare from her she sends the three of them running.

She then helps you up. "Are you okay?"

You nod your head. "Y-Yeah..."

"Good!" She smiles back at you. "Sorry about my stupid little brother..." Walking over to your bike she examines it. "Hmm I guess you can't use this anymore huh?" The front wheel was flat from the collision. "Do you need a ride? where were you going anyways?"

[ ] "It's okay... I can walk" go to the nearby doctor's office

[ ] "I-If I won't be too much of a bother..." Ask her for a ride to the doctor's office.

[ ] Custom
[x] "I-If I won't be too much of a bother..." Ask her for a ride to the doctor's office.
[x] engage in homosexual behavior with older woman

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