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Just finished Terra. Completely blew me way. Why couldn't have the rest of the VN been like this?
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I liked Akane's route and Moon more than Terra, and I don't care if people think I'm a pleb for that.
Also be sure to get Oppai route. You're not finished with Rewrite until you do.
Nah, I think lots of people will side with you on that. I loved Akane's ending and her character was probably my favorite out of the five.

I never did think any of the seven routes so far were anything less than decent, excluding Chihaya's route, of course. But the impact Terra had on me just makes them seem much inferior in-comparison.
When moon started and to finale i thought shit is about to get started. But at end:
And then how he treated Kotori and didnt fix a damn thing. Its like muvluv alternative done horribly wrong. Also

Kotori best girl. Akane -best route.
Terra was horrible for all the build up in the other routes. I mean the Chair was summon Waves and waves of monster in moon route. But in terra was just word word word
Troll or retarded? Pick one.
leaving the trolling aside
I didn't like terra as well
Also I liked Kotori and expected her to be main heroine and when I saw that she was just another heroine I was disappointed.
Akane was cool but her route was bad imo.

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