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Which one of these piles of shit should I watch first, /a/? Are any of them any good?
Wizard Baristas is full blown Umetsu, he's even doing the character designs again. This should be enough to decide for yourself.

D-Frag is fun, funny, and the girls are nice.

Nobunagun is ridiculously fun.

Noragami is nothing special, but it has good production values and is overall solid.

WCW is horrible.
>Nobunagun is ridiculously fun
>Noragami is nothing special
>WCW is horrible
Terrible taste, as expected of a Chuununagunfag
Drop Nobunagun, Nobunaga, Pilot, Space Dandy and WCW. Watch D-Frag first.
>Noragami is nothing special
I won't even argue about WCW because I already know the manga fans are apparently willing to turn a blind eye to how shitty the adaptation is, but I at least stand by that.

It's a solid show, good visuals(but not great), good production values overall but it doesn't impress. We've seen all this countless times before and it doesn't have anything special that would bring it above the competition. Solid entertainment, nothing more.

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