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/a/, step the fuck up.
What are you talking about.
majority of /a/ has shit taste and always has been that way.
I'm talking about neo /a/'s bullshit about what will flop and what will succeed.
And why /a/ is basically reddit tier, if not below reddit tier, now.
>/a/ ever getting japanese peoples tastes right

how new are you
How new are YOU?
/a/ used to be fairly decent in determining what will flop, and what will succeed.
Also, there used to be a lot of people who enjoyed various genres of manga/anime on /a/ (including Arpeggio), yet now all we have are SNK, KLK, Madoka, and apparently Nagi fags spewing bullshit.

anon, please.
lurk moar faggot there are good threads on here all the time if you actually look
I do. All I get is reddit tier shit, waifu wars, people holding anime up to the aforementioned series standards, and faggots like you trying to fit in.
Granted there are various threads that I do enjoy, mostly translation threads, 2012's Hyouka threads that were consisting of actual discussion, 2011's Penguindrum's & Guilty Crown threads, 2010's Star Driver threads, 09's SZS threads, 2008's Kannagi threads, and 2007's Cantabile threads. But the rest is ~85% of the time shit.

>thinking /a/ still has hope
I feel bad for you.

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