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So, how about we play a game I call "What should have been". It's really very simple, you choose an Anime that you think should have gotten more cours than it did, then you choose an anime that got at least 1 cour too many (you can not pick an anime that had one cour then say "It should never have existed to begin with", don't be a jackass).

I would personally have loved to have seen at least one more cour of the "Medaka Box" series, it's not that I think it's the best series out there or even that it was a great series however I did enjoy it and was disappointed that they ended it right before the arc that had my favourite villain from the entire series in it, you know, the guy who the entire two cours before that they had been building up as this massive part of Medaka's past and some epic villain (I also absolutely loved Kumagawa's personality in the manga). I mean they even introduced him as the next big bad in the last fucking episode of the series, it really pissed me off (though I do understand that the reason for this was that they were adapting the manga closely).

As for cours that should not exist I have to pick the last cour of Haruhi. I actually like Haruhi but seriously, Endless Eight was fucking terrible, I mean did it really need most of a cour all to itself? Also I would have to say that the execution of that cour is what killed Haruhi as an anime to begin with.

>inb4 someone attacks me for shit taste
Keep in mind that saying that something should have had more cours doesn't necessarily mean that you have to think it was the best anime ever and believing that a cour of a show should never have been made (at least not the way it ended up) doesn't necessarily mean that you hate the show. Sometimes (as it was with my choices) it's more about the execution than the quality of the series (though that isn't to say that I would want more of Medaka if I hated it, I thought it was pretty good).

>pic related
Kumagawa is best villain
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however, accept my pity-bump
If you can't deal with reading the whole thing then just read the first paragraph and ignore the rest.
>Needed more
Well I just finally got around to watching Shigurui the other day and was super pissed that it just ended like that. Especially when it's a "how we got here" setup but they never fucking get back to the scene from the beginning. Might read the manga at some point but that was some bullshit and it should've kept going.

>Needed less
Obvious answer would be Darker than Black. So that's what I'm gonna take.

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