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File: 1384337497143.gif (54.65 KB, 1128x960)
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if quads MLP FiM is the best anime ever made- no rerolls to retry, or undo faggots
Looks like that is no an untrue, faggot.



Dubs proves its true. :O

I love this anime.
man that's bs, I made a post two days ago not even about ponies and I got banned for 2 days
File: UNF.png (1.02 MB, 945x945)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG

We all do bro /)
what the fuck is up with all the japanese mlp porn on pixiv, is it really that popular in japan now?
but had a picture of silver spoon, to talk about silver spoon the anime
File: Its_all_good_in_the_hood.png (539.90 KB, 1600x1821)
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539.90 KB PNG

Of course it is, its ML to the motherfucking P bro.
Well it got a dub so I guess so
File: 1346177565805.jpg (37.34 KB, 640x480)
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>/a/ is actually responding to this degenerate

What the fuck, why hasn't anyone told this horse-fucker to go back to his containment board?
you can leave now
File: 1320120385406347.png (239.69 KB, 587x683)
239.69 KB
239.69 KB PNG

You are so fucking reported. I can't believe you bring this shit in here again and again and again. "OH MY GOD MY POST NUMBER ENDED IN X REPEATED NUMBERS ZOMGROFLMFAO!!11!!" You listen here you underaged shitdicked little cumguzzler: THIS. ISN'T. FUNNY. It's not cute or charming or something that gives people a smile, it's a waste of time, a waste of space, and an eyesore. You make me worry, really really really worry about the state of my generation. Where the hell is our world gonna go if it's run by shit-stained cuntminds like you that have NO originality and NO creative drive AT ALL. You contribute nothing at all to this board, nothing at all to your fellow peers. You are worse than a dumbass my asinine little friend, you are a black hole of faggotry and stupidity. You suck in the people around you and corrupt them with your cancerous posts. Your very existence is robbing this world of all things good. Leave this place, sell your computer, give the money to someone with brains who can wisely use it, and then kill yourself you waste of life. Die.
File: So_Sexy.jpg (488.14 KB, 1000x649)
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488.14 KB JPG

Stick it up your ass.

I don't wanna.
File: 1348902495559.jpg (246.33 KB, 993x925)
246.33 KB
246.33 KB JPG

I hope you met your end at the end of a fat nigger's dick, ripping the walls of your fragile virgin anus. The blood pouring from your torn veins acting as a lubricant, allowing his throbbing black cock to penitrate you further. I hope he shatters your shit filled back passage and rapes your internal organs.
File: Soooo_Gullible.png (9.38 KB, 328x304)
9.38 KB
9.38 KB PNG

Eat shit and die.
File: IMG_0888.jpg (24.36 KB, 340x277)
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24.36 KB JPG
Now we wait for the jannies.
Well everyone remembered their sage and reported

Why let your blood boil
File: Welp.jpg (42.89 KB, 362x373)
42.89 KB
42.89 KB JPG

Keep talking dirty baby, thats what I like.
File: 1346485572778.jpg (138.87 KB, 1196x1080)
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138.87 KB JPG

I come here to be among the filth like me. The misogynists, the pedophiles, the transsexuals, the irreligious, the gays, the bi's, the racists, the otakus (and by that, I refer to the dakimakura-owning, waifu-loving dirt of society with posters of 2D anime girls all over the walls. The guy who spends all his money on a better computer and multiple anime figures to litter his walls and shelves).

I do not come here to listen to how and your girlfriend had a tiff and you want help getting back together.
I do not come here to listen to your preaching about how easy it is to lead a normal life.
I do not come here to AIM or MSN or otherwise 'chat' with you.
I do not come here to listen to your disgusting drivel about how you spend time everyday watching anime with your girlfriend and need a recommendation for another.

If I wanted any of that shit, I'd go to gaiaonline, or myspace, or facebook.

No, I come here to look at pathetic losers post their fantasies about dating their 2D lover.
I come here to see pedophiles exchange erotica involving underaged minors.
I come here to watch stormfront refugees fabricate various 'evidence' about how other races are inferior to whites.
I come here to view the tips and stories given by crackheads addicted to oxy.
I come here to revel in the dirt of humanity so that I can feel at home.

I've already done as best as I possibly can to filter shit out. I've got the 4chan filter, I can hide individual posts, I can hide threads, and various other annoyances taken care of, but it doesn't help nowadays.
If I wanted normal, I'd go somewhere else.
But you do not understand this desire, and so will respond with "LUL4CHANIZSECRETBASE" or some other nonsense rather than actually argue for your staying here.

Fucking normalfags.
Seriously, I know I am complaining but jeez, I fucking made a pun about Silver Spoon with a picture to talk about silver spoon the anime and got insta banned for 3 days
File: A_Look_its_A_Fact.jpg (6.07 KB, 191x213)
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6.07 KB JPG

Go fuck yerself cunt.

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