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I stayed up all the night browsing /a/ and still I'm here. Why is /a/ this addictive? What can I do? How can I concur this addiction? Shutting out the internet is not an option because it's necessary for work.
an hero
go to /b/
do your part to make /a/ so shitty no one will browse here

Now i know you're lying because i've stayed up all night on /a/ and around 3-5 AM /a/ just fucking grinds to a halt.

like literally, you could swear it was frozen until you post something.
welcome to the club, now shut the fuck up and accept your fate
And what's this horrible grammar... Seems like I need to go to sleep.
Begin using some forums where threads stay longer and go slower.

Also rest easy in that if something truly epic happens here, you'll hear about it somewhere else too

(Union Flagann, Shrine Trollan, Anonymous Scientology Raids.....)
quick solution:

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All night?
haha oh wow...fail moar
addiction transfer to World of Warcraft or Cocaine.
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All night?
It'll make it worse, I think.

Hope I'm doing it right.

Do you mean the halt right after 100000000GET or slow-paced /a/ when /jp/ was filled with moonspeakers? Think I'm on /a/ (and /jp/ during the said elevens-raid-time) for 24 hours straight.

I just can't stop this.

This. I should turn off my laptop and go to bed.
Stop using /a/ as a substitution for part of your brain. It will only make it worse on both of us.

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