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>No place for me to talk about manga and post my shounen-ai and shoujou mangas and to be annoying and asocial with people similar to me.
I hate people who live full-life and 4チャン.
At this point I'm fine with making my own threads to talk with myself.
>not starting a story time dump
Thats where you fucked up.
>Learn Japanese and attend university while /a/ is wasting time for posting on 4chan
>Move to Japan
>Become employed at manga publishing company
>Hate anime otakus and make fun of them while I get their money
>Find friends and someone important
>Have a happy life while /a/ will be crying about being friendless penniless deadbeats.
It's difficult to find anything that isn't old style forums or social networking. I like posting images.


I don't even want or feel well enough to explain how bad is your post.
Are you a grill?
I would like to meet people similar to me, not odd otaku who just finished watching WATAMOTE. Don't you have thread to make fun of Tomoko and to write stories about how much you would like to make her cry in and to post in?

Tomoko is male character, but authors changed her gender so otakus won't be upset about showing how sad they are and because >cute girls moe moe.

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