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I'm curious /a/ and I will probably die curious but I really want to know why exactly this sucked so bad to the point of no DVD/BD release? The main theme is amazing and that youtube 16 minutes video doesn't tell me anything to judge.

Is there some anon who watched it back when it was released in Japan?
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There was a Phantom Blood movie?
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From the Wiki:
The character, Robert Edward O Speedwagon, one of Araki's favorite characters, was almost removed from the story entirely, appearing only during the Ogre Street battle.
The characters Poco, Dire, and Straizo were also not featured. Naturally, this means that Dire does not throw the hamon rose.
The concept of Hamon was not explained clearly.
The movie was too short (Approx. 90 minutes), condensed, and basically "destroyed the original story".
>One scene with Speedwagon
I can see why it's so awful, and now 100% pointless with the good David Productions PB anime.
>I really want to know why exactly this sucked so bad to the point of no DVD/BD release?
Countless amounts of things were butchered out. You only see Speedwagon ONCE and he's one of the thugs in Ogre Street. David did justice by staying faithful to the source material. Hikaru Midorikawa did an awful job voicing Dio too.
Araki himself hated it, and I'm pretty sure he never wants it released.
Kind of like Star Wars Christmas Special.
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OP here, that sounds horrible, thanks for the explain though.
How can you cut out Speedwagon though, he's important later on. I'm guessing they never intended to ever continue it from the start.
Early footage is on YT somewhere but it's awful, looks like a low budget religious cartoon
Araki hated it and didn't want it spread around

I really like Midorikawa Hikaru. I wish I could hear what his Dio sounds like.
Isn't that Joseph's pose?
He also voiced Dio in the ps1 game. There's some playthroughs on youtube, so if you're curious you can check it out.

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