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There are plenty animeinspired by MMOs, right?
Then, why do we still not have an anime inspired by multiplayer FPSes? Imagine:
>future, a megatranscorporation, which specializes on entertainment, has hired the best of the best, the murder machines, in return guaranteeing them a functional immortality, thanks to the recently invented respawn system, which is otherwise extremely costly, and almost no one can afford it
>a quirky cast of characters, where everyone has a definable personality and features akin to TF2
>thanks to regular rotation of teams, yesterday's enemies are today's teammates and vice versa
>full of action and bloody fights on arenas, which are filmed and translated over the world
>thanks to the respawn system which is almost instantaneous, death amounts to a slap on the wrist, and suicide is a legitimate tactic used in battle, to travel faster between respawn points on arenas
>in-between the fights, we get a futuristic SoL, except that almost every character is crazy in some sort of way, because they die and respawn regularly
>the cast is full of cute girls, because otherwise Japan won't buy it
I would fund the fuck out of it.
SAO S2 will be about a FPSMMORPG.

Competitive Arena FPS Anime when?

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