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These mecha designs are so fucking cool.
Your tastes are so fucking shit
Your shit is so fucking tasty.
File: Bdo0W-ECYAAcfWJ.jpg (99.51 KB, 612x816)
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Plamo when?
File: 1331677869632.jpg (59.22 KB, 524x481)
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Not really. It looks like something straight off a stereotypical plamo.

Tiny little leg joints supporting an unnecessarily large torso. Itty-bitty joint motors. Pauldrons instead of form-fitting plating. Crotch guard? Five-finger 'hands' and mountless magazine-fed weapons? Twenty fuckhuge optic sensors right next to each other? Shit can't hull down, has way too many exposed parts, doesn't protect anything, and is top-heavy while using a kinetic weapon above center of gravity.

Want "fucking cool"? "Irving" Gekkos. Knightmare Frames (cockpit integration, tech progress). Quartz Golems (humiform rationale).

If you're going real robot, go full real or go home.

>hull down

Dude, this is mecha. It doesn't matter what it does, it's still going down in one hit if we apply modern armor doctrine.
This show is so fucking awful
Depends on the state of active counter measures but once you pass the 6-7 meter scale it's going down on it's own no matter what.
>it's still going down in one hit if we apply modern armor doctrine
So then think of a scenario in which a bipedal armor unit is superior to treads, and build it based on that.

Fast movement on highly irregular terrain - like in the OP image - is an ideal fit. In that scenario, weapon and sensor placement is crucial, since the first thing to come into view over a hill will be the top of your mech. A perfectly humiform setup is naturally vulnerable, since half the mech needs to be exposed before weapons can be fired, while the 'core' and sensor array can be hit immediately.

Weapons should be top mounted, sensors should be top-mounted (and/or free-flying independent), cockpit should be low and towards the back, legs should be fuckhuge, leg joints should have a tendency to lean the torso forward.

None of this "hurr anthropocentric design" that just proxies pilots up ten factors and makes them machines.

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