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So I decided to give Puella Magi Madoka Magica a try on the recommendation of some posters in the Mami thread on /c/

I have to say, this little bastard gives me the creeps. I get the feeling this fucker is pure evil, the way it just stares all the time with that smile.

It also seems to be manipulating the girls into becoming Magical Girls instead of them deciding on their own. I think it's lying to them as well.

If those souls gems can be replenished with a seed after battle, then why does the animation show the darkness leave the soul gem as though it was drawing something out of it, instead of putting something into the soul gem?

But I'm only on the 4th episode, so far I like it. It's not what I expected it to be.
He's not evil.
It's taking away the darkness from the soul gems. Which would corrupt it.
Come back when you finish.
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Kyubey is an alien. He uses the emotional energy of teenage girls to counter the entropic death of the universe. When magical girls use too much magic and don't cleanse their soul gems with grief seeds, they turn into witches. Sayaka turns into a witch in episode 8. Homura is actually a time traveler who has been trying fruitlessly to save madoka from dying. Madoka becomes a god at the end and gets rid of witches.
>I'm about to be spoiled so hard
In answer to your questions: yes, your questions will be answered
First of all you're going to get spoiled if you stay here
Second of all, Kyuubey is physically incapable of lying
Also, all the megucas are lesbians.
I hope you realize you'll be spoiled in an instant. I still enjoyed even after being spoiled on episode 3 and 10 beforehand.

Are there any Madoka-related slowpoke images?
WTF wrong with you he is
- Hero who try to save the universe
- Help human to develop civilization
- Make a little girl's wish comes true
- Intelligence
- Reasonable
- Never lie and always told the truth(just a little deceiving, so cuteā¤)
- C U T E (name Kyubey comes from cute)
I think you should first relize that the whole universe can still living happily because of his hardwork and sacrifice so that you know how great he is.
yeah me too
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QB is innocent.

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