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Anyone else excited about this? I'm assuming shit gets real in this movie. I haven't found any new details but I assume its either about tamako, Midori and mochizou or her mother and fathers story in depth. I know its wishful thinking but if the genre changes to be more drama then I think that would be pretty damn legit.
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I know, been out of the loop for a while. Hadn't seen anything posted on this so thought might as well
well we had quite a fuss over it and now we're just waiting for an official trailer. It'll probably be at the end of Chuu2, Kyoani likes to wait until the seasons end to release these things.

The movie information is out though, it's about Tamako in her senior year (1 year timeskip).

The young girl knew nothing.

She unconsciously desired to stay at this location,
working with her family.
If everything stayed the same, that would be fine with her.

However, her childhood friends and newer friends change bit by bit.
They slowly become adults.
Even in the shopping district things change and stay the same.

In spring of her final year of high school,
That girl finally starts to think about ---Falling in love.

Tamako Kitashirakawa knew nothing
about that feeling of being in the entrance to the universe.

And so that girl took one step forward.

Tamako took off.

It's spring.
As usual, the newly promoted 3rd year Tamako Kitashirakawa has nothing in her head but mochi.

One night on the walk home from school, she talks with her friends as usual.
Everyone's nervous about what lies ahead in their futures.
Tamako also nonchalantly replies that she wants to continue the mochi business.

At the same time, the boy who lives across the street from her and who spends time with her, Mochizou, makes a certain resolution.

Various things change around her and little by little Tamako's heart begins to sway...
that's pretty awesome if that's true
>Free! in the Summer
>KnK in the Fall
>Chuu2 in the Winter
>Tamako Market movie in the Spring
Christ, Kyoani must treat their employees like slaves.
or is it that they treat their viewers like gods? (they suck at serving us)
It's not all the same group of people you know, they are a big enough studio that they can rotate their staff.

Hell even within a single show's cour different episodes are directed and animated by different people.
Wasn't a big fan of the show, but I'm excited to see all the yuri fans rage when Tamako picks Mochizo over Midori.
I don't know about recently, but KyoAni has been known for treating their employees exceptionally well (using few offshore jobs to finish animation so the employees have job security, paying high, etc).
You do know that other studios do more than one show PER SEASON, right?
No one cares.
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There's going to be suffering
And delicious yurifag tears.

Can't wait.
And then Midori wins.
>mistyped captcha
>image appears corrupt
>our system thinks your post is spam
Well fuck you too moot.

Going for so much trouble just to say I'm not particularly excited about this movie because the TV wasn't all that great. But if they decide to take the story onto another route at least will be worth the watch.
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A yuri ending was confirmed.
Besides yurifags and heterofags, at least one character in that movie will have her/his heart broken.

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