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Hello /a/
I have a problem.
I was thinking yesterday, and it occurred to me what exactly it was that made me dislike Code Geass:Lelouch of the Rebellion so much while watching it.
It was the childish, unlikely scenario of everyone being bestfriends at school one minute and superheroes in a war the next.
The entire 'School', and 'Normal side of the characters' parts of the anime have made me realize that this is present in nearly every single anime, and I'm honestly beginning to agree with the general public's opinion on anime.
It's an escape from reality, with characters specifically designed to reflect the viewer's self, allowing easy self-imposition.

Help me /a/.
I want to like anime.
I've spent so many fucking hours watching it.
For my own fucking sake, convince me I'm wrong or tell me of an anime that doesn't do this bullshit.

>inb4 Psycho Pass
>nearly every anime
I loved and still love Psycho Pass
Get a new hobby faggot
Isn't this true for all fiction?
MCs are always either:
relateable, allowing for self -imposition (e.g. any SOL / traveller)
Powerful (in some form or another) beyond any reality, making you egotistic self force yourself to relate (e.g. most shounen)

some form of anti-hero that you either feel sorry for or enjoy watching them decline (e.g.kaiji, guilty crown)
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Just don't self insert.

It's not hard.
He said he likes Psycho Pass. Which of your categories does that fall under?

There's always the ol' Cartoon Network lineup. Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Trigun, Big O, DBZ, etc. Outside of that there's Baccano, Spice and Wolf, Gundam 00, Shingeki no Kyojin (debatable), etc.
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Nigger, what are you doing? You don't self-insert. You don't ever self-insert. If you do that, you're doing it abso-fucking-lutely wrong.

If you're watching anime trying to self-insert then just realize that you'll never be able to truly enjoy the medium. This is something many people new to anime don't truly understand yet.

Instead, you think about and design your own character who also lives in the same universe and spends time with the MC and other characters. Then you imagine all the cool shit you'd do with them.

The only time you're allowed to insert is in a harem series (because all the characters are focused on the MC's dick, so being a side character would suck), and even then you only get to insert as the loli lusting after the MC's dick.
Everyone can leave now
You're becoming normalfag. Or has always been one but didn't want to notice it.

Glad to know I'm not the only person who does that.
Nearly every one of everything is shit you fucking cock worshiping semen receptacle. It's not just most anime that's shit with contrived situations and generic characters, it's everything. Stop whining about it and enjoy what little decent material does come out, you cum swilling gutter slut.
Are you me?

And by "self-insertion," do anons simply mean putting themselves in place of a character, rather than beside them?
Watch Gintama, especially the episodes with lessons on life topics like growing old.
I was surprised how educational Gintama can be at times.
I call those type of animes Generic POS.

Once in a while you get godly stuff like AoT or SAO but most are just prepubescent school girl shit. Avoid those.
you what?

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