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I’m going to fuck Armin. I’m going to lube his tiny, pink, shota anus before shoving my dick straight into it. Robbing him of his anal virginity as I Begin to thrust. He screams in pain and pleasure, but I tell him he has to bear through it. "Be strong Armin, be strong." I Whisper into Armin's ear as I pound into his ass. Armin mewls at the sudden new sensation. I run my hands through his hair and tell him it's going to be okay. "S-Slower..." Armin mumbles. I Only indulge in his request, Armin is obviously enjoying himself at this point as I Am now balls deep in his ass. I Feel as though my cock is going to explode with pleasure inside the tight walls of his anus wrapped around my schlong. He feels tight and amazing. I Can't take it anymore. I Cum, Armin's tiny stomach being filled to the brim with my seed as it shoots up his digestive system. I Pull out, Armin's ass contracting a few seconds afterwords as his stomach is now slightly larger, round, and filled with cum. Armin flops over on the bed, landing on his stomach. The force of it makes a mixture of shit and cum flow out from his ass. He doesn't care anymore. He's dead. I killed Armin. I Walk to the kitchen, I Look down, I Take out a knife from the drawer. I Bite down on a nearby towel. I Reach down. I Cut my penis off and scream. I Land on the floor, bleeding out to death from my crotch. Goodbye, cruel world.
Your wanton word Capitalization betrays your German heritage. Sieg Heil!
Good shit.
bumping because hnnngh
someone needs to draw this ASAP
comission Tom Preston.
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>supporting Tom Preston
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The joke here- Is because he's total shit. Just like OP's writing.
I know, but I have to smack it down anyways. It's about the principle here.

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