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Nosferatu Zodd confirmed for most bro-tier villain.
Sure when he's not killing everyone
Not at all, he just wanted to fight Guts and didn't want him to die because of a stupid reason like a broken sword. Besides, he thought Guts would die during the eclipse anyway.
Do you even friendship?

> Look Gutz, we need to have a talk. I know I'm not your favorite person right now but just listen. Casca? She's not who you really love. I did you a favor breaking you up with her. C'mon, man, I love you. I'd never try to hurt you... Why did I kill all our friends you ask? Gutz, Gutz. Don't be so harsh. I didn't kill any of them. They gave up their lives for our dreams a long time ago. We're all best pals. One for all, all for one. Right? Can't you say it with me. All for one, one dream. Our dream.
That is the most bro-tier reason to save someones life.

You save someone because they're your friend- that's over done. You know who saves people so they can kill them?

Vegeta. Is he bro tier? WITHOUT A FUCKING DOUBT.

You know who else?

Nosferatu Zodd.

Because he is bro-fucking-tier.

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