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Backlog thread?
Backlog thread.

Post your list, suggestions, what to add, what to trim off our massive backlog, etc.
Halfway through Fate Zero, and Symphogear's 1st season by the way
I don't actually have a backlog, I tend to download a series and watch it all immediately.

One three day weekend in college I watched bleach episodes 1 - 72 in like 3 days.

Yesterday and today I watched all of Psycho Pass.

From your list:

C-Control. It was profoundly disappointing and mediocre. It finds itself caught in this awkward place between an extremely dumbed down version of Spice and Wolf and Guilty Crown. C-Control just really shouldn't be watched.

Fate Stay/Night. To be honest, the VN is really accessible and if you just watched Fate Stay/Night watching Fate Zero later wouldn't be nearly as meaningful. Fate Stay/Night the VN should be played instead and put it at whatever priority you have it at now. But it doesn't make sense to watch the anime and get only 30% or less of the real story. It's wasted time.

High Priority Watches
1) Kara no Kyoukai (Garden of Sinners). Probably among the best anime of all time.
2) Bakemonogatari. I don't know if we're allowed to praise this now, because there was extreme backlash against it while it was airing. Still, it's a remarkable show.
3) Stein's; Gate. In this instance I can recommend it, even if I would prefer the VN. The anime is a good adaptation and there are parts of the VN that were really annoying and dragged out-- they aren't as bad in the anime.
4) Psycho-Pass. It's really worth watching.
It's Fate Zero, I'm avoiding the original series like the goddamn plague.
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I haven't started Haibane Renmei
Also, if there's any way t play the VN on a Mac, I can't unfortunately.
Not on my anime machine, but I have about 100gb of anime my friend gave to me.

Its just so boring.
As in Texnolyze?
What kind of backlash?
Movie = SAC 1 > SAC 2 > Innocence > Dogshit > Arise
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Not even once.
Any more?

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