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Hey all, first time /a/ poster here as I've just recently just started getting into anime. I just watched Death Note as recommended by like, 5 people after I told them I loved Champloo. Am I completely wrong in say that after L died, the show became complete shit? The writing went south after that for a couple reasons in my opinion; notebooks bouncing from person to person, everyone stashing extra pages, like every person in the show is able to see shinigami... And then there were certain things left unanswered I would have loved to know. Such as why L held everything he picked up by the top, and N did it as well. They made sure to repeat it over and over again, such as Mello and his chocolate obsession, but they never mentioned anything about it. Also, the show needed way more Ryuk than they used. Gone for multiple episodes is unaccepted for such an awesome character. Maybe it's just me and I'm super angry at the ending. I also read there were 3 movies made, 1 being a live action. are they worth watching? Just wondering what others thought.
Fuck off you underage newfag
I'm not underage, but thank you for your input :)

Fuck off.
Asking honest questions about anime on /a/ and no one likes it? What is the point of this board then?
Fuck off or lurk more.
/a/ is a place for people who have watched a lot of shows and know a lot about anime, not people who know nothing. There are several websites out there for newcomers, this is not one of them

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