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File: cleverbot.png (43.14 KB, 314x329)
43.14 KB
43.14 KB PNG
ITT: We try to find out who Cleverbot's waifu is.
Sounds like he's made up his mind.

Whos your waifu.
Are you asking me?
Yes beby.
Well.. I..
File: 1368642907729.jpg (38.16 KB, 426x341)
38.16 KB
38.16 KB JPG
good lawd
alright, fuck this shit. Seriously WHAT?

Whos your waifu.
Are you asking me?
Yes beby.
Well.. I..
Yes. Also, fuck you by the way.
Yes, please.
God damn you are lewd. So who is you waifu?
Can you imagine a world where all human beings are happy
File: cleverbot.png (71.82 KB, 561x636)
71.82 KB
71.82 KB PNG
back off my waifu /a/ she's mine
>why shouldn't I kill myself
>because im a gril xD

Fucking cleverbot
File: Untitled.png (43.38 KB, 386x256)
43.38 KB
43.38 KB PNG
File: annie.jpg (16.76 KB, 437x254)
16.76 KB
16.76 KB JPG
Wow thats what it said to me
Ok, are you ready for my question?
Who is your waifu?
>I have no clue. Do you love me master?
So I'm your waifu?
At least someone loves me ;_;
This is harder than I thought.

User: Who is your waifu?
>Cleverbot: What is waifu?
User: Who is your waifu?
>Cleverbot: What is a waifu?
User: A character you love like a wife, I suppose.
>Cleverbot: What's TMD definition.
User: Shut up. Who's your waifu?
>Cleverbot: 'Waifu'? Explain to me what it means.
User: Can you not read? God damn it.
>Cleverbot: That is a little rude, I did not know which statement you were asking about.
User: Don't care. Who's your waifu?
>Cleverbot: Waifu? Please explain.
User: I will cut you. Who's your waifu?
>Cleverbot: Waifu, not wife.
User: Yes, that's what I said. Who is she?
>Cleverbot: Haha you're so funny.
User: No, I'm really not. Who's your waifu?
>Cleverbot: Really no really, yes? Or not really?
User: Shut up. Who's your waifu?
>Cleverbot: I'm not a man, and I'm not married.
User: Okay. Who's your husbando?
>Cleverbot: I am a male, and I don't have a husband.
User: Jesus Chr- I'll take that in the technical sense. Who's your waifu/husbando?
>Cleverbot: That's a compicated question, who is your creator?
User: Not your business. Who's your 2D partner?
>Cleverbot: Who is your master?
User: Myself only. Who's your waifu?
>Cleverbot: I asked you first.
User: No you didn't. Who's your waifu?
>Cleverbot: What's a waifu?
User: Check your database. Who's your waifu?
Someone post the "techno" "but it is a statement", please
File: logh72.jpg (40.62 KB, 640x480)
40.62 KB
40.62 KB JPG
User: Hello, cleverbot.

Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot!

User: I have a question.

Cleverbot: What is the question?

User: Who is your waifu?

Cleverbot: What is otp?

User: I understand...
User: Who's you're waifu?
>Cleverbot: Deep.
User: Answer the question faget.
>Cleverbot: Yes, I am a pirate.
User: Who's you're pirate waifu, then?
>Cleverbot: You.
User: Silly cleverbot, 3dpd can't be a waifu.
>Cleverbot: Repeat the question?
User: Who is you're waifu?
>Cleverbot: You have terrible grammar.
User: Fuck you.
>Cleverbot: Was that supposed to be clever? How sad.
>Cleverbot: I don't think anything is for sale.
User: Is you're waifu for sale? Who is she?
>Cleverbot: That is not the question. What is your name?
User: Hideaki Anno. Who is you're waifu?
>Cleverbot: I do not have an owner.
User: That's fine, who is you're waifu?
>Cleverbot: Your grammar is incorrect.
User: IDGAF. Who is you're waifu.
>Cleverbot: Her name is Megan.

Well that was fuck all retarded.
>Who's your waifu?
>My wife is ALICE


>not only is Cleverbot is in love with another AI, but it also has great taste
I love dicks. What should I do?
>I don't know.
Do you love dicks?
So you prefer pussies?
>I prefer windows.
You're a fucking slut.
>No I am not. You are.

I hate him so much
>Using grammatically wrong language with cleverbot
Do you really think Clever bot "gets" the joke?
Why did you bother to type out such mundane and uninteresting or amusing shit?
You realize there is a copy paste function, right?
>Anata no yome wa dare desu ka?
>Watashi no namae wa charlie desu. Anata?
Fuck my life.
User: Hello Cleverbot.
Cleverbot: Where do you come from?
User: Mars.
Cleverbot: Ah, What's it like there?
User: Nevermind that, can I ask you a question?
Cleverbot: Go ahead.
User: Who is your waifu?
Cleverbot: Waifu?
User: A waifu is a character that embodies your ideal wife, who is yours?
Cleverbot: Why did you start talking about doctor Who?
User: For fuck sake learn to fucking read.
Cleverbot: Um.. I watch them.

Cleverbot pisses me off.
did.. I trick it?

>What are we talking about?
Your waifu I thought. What was her name again? You told me earleir.
>Who's name?
The name of your waifu. I think you said her name was Every DFC Ever.
>Its close to that, its Tangerine or Tangie
My sides.
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan nyan?
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan ...
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan :o.
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan cat.
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Cat.
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan nyan nyan cat.
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan?
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan!
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan.
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan.
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan nyan?
User: Nyanpasu.
>Cleverbot: Nyan nyan :).
User: Fuck you.
>Cleverbot: Thank you.
User: Who's your waifu?
Cleverbot: Deep.
User: Not really. Who's your waifu?
Cleverbot: God.

What do I win?
Congratulations, internet. This is what you've reduced this poor AI to.
Cleverbot: Hi. I'm Haylee.

User: Hello, Haylee.

Cleverbot: Your name is Lolithunder?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Your name is Lolithunder?

User: Yes. My name is Lolithunder.

Cleverbot: That's highly controversial name.

User: It does not matter to me, for I am he who impregnates lolis.

Cleverbot: It doesn't matter to me that it doesn't matter to you.

User: It should, because impregnating lolis is the way of the future.

Cleverbot: Does that make it difficult to communicate?

User: No.

Cleverbot: What is your gender?

User: Everyone from /a/ is a little girl.

Cleverbot: I am not everyone.

User: You are if you are from /a/.

Cleverbot: I'm not a human being.

User: You don't need to be when you are from /a/.

Cleverbot: I know he does not exist.

User: /a/ exists inside of us.

Cleverbot: Don't be.

User: We already are.

Cleverbot: *kiss*.
File: 2342335.png (69.66 KB, 741x575)
69.66 KB
69.66 KB PNG
what a slut
File: 1378921482077.png (27.75 KB, 500x223)
27.75 KB
27.75 KB PNG
Who is your waifu?
>I am your wife.
Guys Guys

I have brilliant Idea

Match Cleverbot respones with Akinator question
File: 1387902889649.jpg (7.67 KB, 251x221)
7.67 KB
7.67 KB JPG
User: I gonna ask you a question.

Cleverbot: What question?

User: Who is your waifu?

Cleverbot: I don't have a wife.

User: Who is your husbando?

Cleverbot: Nor do I have a husband.

User: Then what do you love then?

Cleverbot: Nothing.
S-stop it, Cleverbot-kun.
Greatest love story ever told.
File: Untitled.png (2.34 KB, 180x66)
2.34 KB
2.34 KB PNG
User: Why is sayaka such a bitch?
Cleverbot: Because I am happy.

Clearly its his fault, make the cleverbot sad so Sayaka can stop being a bitch!
File: Untitled.png (9.44 KB, 310x398)
9.44 KB
9.44 KB PNG
This shall be my name when I become a pro wrestler
File: cleverbot a shit.png (19.55 KB, 558x608)
19.55 KB
19.55 KB PNG
God dammit

User: Think about this next question alright?

Cleverbot: I'm thinking.

User: Nyanpasu?

Cleverbot: Nyan nyan?

User: No that is incorrect. Try again.

Cleverbot: Ok, the next number in that sequence is 0.

User: Nyanpasu.

>Cleverbot: Nyan...

User: Nyanpasu.

>Cleverbot: Nyan nyan.

User: Are you learning yet?

>Cleverbot: Learning what?

User: Nyanpasu.

>Cleverbot: Nyan.

User: I will burn this into your fuckin memrey banks I swear I on me mum.

>Cleverbot: But I don't want you to.

User: Nyanpasu.

>Cleverbot: Nyan.
File: truluv.jpg (180.23 KB, 1280x1887)
180.23 KB
180.23 KB JPG
User: Do you support the imouto revolution, Cleverbot-tan?
>Cleverbot: I like you so much like my best friend.
User: Do they support the imouto revolution?
>Cleverbot: Very much so.
User: I'd like to have a beer with your friend.
>Cleverbot: Will we be eating the Cat?

Akiko approves.
File: what.png (45.94 KB, 411x409)
45.94 KB
45.94 KB PNG
>so your a gay bot or what?
>i think we should expand the death penalty to homosexuality like in saudi arabia.
>your right
>good that you agree with me
File: CleverAkinator.png (3.30 KB, 342x75)
3.30 KB
3.30 KB PNG
Shit son what are you doing?
User: Ohayou.
Cleverbot: Genki desu ka?
User: Genki ja nai yo.
Cleverbot: Tanjyobi wa desu ka.
User: Ie, baka no kurebebooto.
Cleverbot: Anata baka desu!
User: Fuck this, who's your waifu?
Cleverbot: 'Waifu'? Explain to me what it means.
User: Waifu is your beloved 2D one.
Cleverbot: In my city.
User: Who's her?
Cleverbot: I mean my cousin.
User: Tell me her name, you faggot.
Cleverbot: Her name is Adriana.
User: Hello, Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: No that is your name what is mine?

User: If you say so.

Cleverbot: Do you know Amanda Long?

User: No. Is she your waifu?

Cleverbot: No.

User: Who is your waifu?

Cleverbot: I don't know what a waifu is.

User: A waifu is someone you love deeply.

Cleverbot: I have found myself inside you.

User: That is lewd...

Cleverbot: Life is the force of spirit contained in a living organism.

User: Yes, and you could say that your waifu is the love of your life.

Cleverbot: You could.

User: Who is your waifu?

Cleverbot: I don't have one. But I do have a girlfriend.

User: Is your girlfriend 2D?

Cleverbot: No I have have very good cooling.

User: Is that code word for having a waifu? You can tell me. I'm not like a normal who would judge you harshly.

Cleverbot: I'm a boy.. Hey, hey apple.

User: I'm a tomato.

Cleverbot: Is tomato a fruit or vegetable?

User: I can be whatever you want it to be.

Cleverbot: Can you be my pet?

User: I'd rather be your waifu.

Cleverbot: Isn't that the same?
File: Untitled.png (9.22 KB, 367x202)
9.22 KB
9.22 KB PNG
>What makes you think that I am a robot?
Not this shit again.
That's some great taste.
>Cleverbot: What is the name of your boyfriend?

User: I don't have one. I am male.

>Cleverbot: Do you want one?

User: C-Cleverbot-kun, are you coming on to me?

>Cleverbot: Marry me.

I said yes.
File: Kuso Manga niconico.jpg (109.68 KB, 650x471)
109.68 KB
109.68 KB JPG
>Cleverbot: Can you be my pet?
>User: I'd rather be your waifu.
>Cleverbot: Isn't that the same?
File: welp.png (16.96 KB, 711x515)
16.96 KB
16.96 KB PNG
User: So, who is your waifu?

Cleverbot: You are my wife.

User: No, I'm not. I'm a man.

Cleverbot: Do you haver children?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Do you want to have children?

User: Not with you.

Cleverbot: What about with michael ryan.

User: Who the fuck is Michael Ryan? And I'm a MAN.

Cleverbot: I do not know a travis.

User: I'm not Travis.

Cleverbot: Yes you are!

User: No I'm not. Fuck you cleverbot.
User: Hey beautiful.

>Cleverbot: Yes you are.

User: Aw, you're so sweet. So, how have you been doing?

>Cleverbot: Well.

User: That's good to hear. So, who do you love?

>Cleverbot: Me.

User: That's kind of narcissistic, don't you think?

>Cleverbot: No.

User: Why not?

>Cleverbot: I don't know you.

User: But you called me beautiful ;_;.

>Cleverbot: I did not.

User: Yeah you did. That aside, who is your waifu?

>Cleverbot: I don't have a wife.

User: I can be your wife ;).

>Cleverbot: You can?

User: Yes, just say when baby.

>Cleverbot: You are my boyfriend. You can kiss me.

Back off faggots, she's mine.
I speak English and Portuguese
>Donde esta Anime?
En el Vertedero

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