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Are you ready to cry in public, /a/?
more signboards?
why do I have the feeling no one is gonna show up?
I just wanna know how much of the movie is what comes after the show. I don't really need to watch the series condensed.
>letters from Menma
from wiki: "The film is a retelling of the anime's story from Menma's point of view, including a short epilogue set one year after the events of the series."

Doesn't sound like too much new content.
I'm kind of okay with that though, promo stuff and new animation is cool with me.
Maybe they figured just the signboards wouldn't be enough to sell tickets? Haha.
File: lost.jpg (96.96 KB, 1280x720)
96.96 KB
96.96 KB JPG
is a master plan
>go to see movie
>receive the letters
>watch the movie
>reach that part
>look down
>see letter
>start crying
>try to use it as an hankerchief
>ruin it
>buy another ticket to get it again
Those bastards.
Same here, as much as I enjoyed Anohana, I don't feel compelled to go to the theaters for a rehash movie. Poor Aniplex, riding off Madoka's runaway success. Something tells me they'll lose money from this event.

Persona 3 movies in US never ;_;
Yeah, I don't think they realize the difference between SHAFT + Madoka and Anohana
I'm gonna go along with the 5 other weebs that buy a ticket and we can all jack off and cum on each other while we cry and use the 100 excess signboards to wipe up cum and tears

you don't get any you fucking faggots
Going to the Greensboro showing. Have not seen the show.
then watch it.
Don't listen to >>100202668
Watch the movie, don't watch the anime. All you need to know is the premise (group of childhood friends drifted apart because one of them died, and one day, the ghost of the dead girl showed up with a wish) and go enjoy the ride.
The anime dragged the end out for way too long and too much melodrama. The movie makes it quick, at least.
Gonna be going to the Austin one here. It's gon' be so empty.
From a review I read, I got the impression that the movie wont make you reasonate with the happenings as much as the movie, you will see the events but not appreciate them.
I wont receive crap. I didn't get any meduka board, but yeah. I'll go to the Cleveland showing.
The distribution of signboards was really weird for the madoka showings. Some theaters got barely any signboards while some theaters got shitloads of them. My theater had enough to do 12 showings of the movie, and they STILL have extra signboards that they are saving for a showing of the BD version.
I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that last part

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