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Okay I hate being the one that says it but we all know how superior 2D is.

And one reason for that is the fact that there are no nigger, nor any jew or fucking arab in anime.

The only exception are always far from the real thing. Think of Jet Black, you would never thing of him as a dumb dancing monkey.

So all we got is caucasian/asian looking japaneses people and sometimes pure caucasians.

So by using the perfection of the 2D world I just prove how we should live on earth.

Anyway enough with this bullshit, is there actually any counter-example to this, any anime dealing with fucking jews or niggers?

The only one that I can think of is the bean seller in the Cowboy Bebop movie. Who is a fine arab if you ask me.
Annie is a Jew. Just look at her nose. By the way your thread is retarded and everyone will tell you to go to >>>/you know what/

Actually he is quite right about the fact that there is barely any non white in anime. Imagine if Africa was the homeland of anime I doubt that we would enjoy it.
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This thread is half true and half retarded.
I agree, half of the lines of OPs post are good.
Sadly not the ones with words in it.

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