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Newfag lurker here; just found out 2 weeks ago that Stains;Gayt wasn’t as bad as Youtube clips made it seem.
Anyways, I was impressed at how the plot tied up, but my sister (who had apparently taken a recent liking to Dr. Who and Sherlock and said that she liked “mystery that made you think”) insisted that all of my stuff was inferior to hers. Granted, she only knew I liked to spam Gachimuchi clips over video chat, but still, I took offense to that.
So I made a deal: If I watched a season of Sherlock and Dr. Who, she’d watch all of SG. To make sure she didn’t BS me with “I knew that all along; SG is stupid compared to Sherlock”, I made her e-mail me her predictions.
I fulfilled my end of the bargain first, and she just got to Episode 22 today. To quote her:
>this is going too slowly
> this is utter crap
And her predictions as transcribed by me by episode:
> #1: Suzuha is from the future: True
> #1.25: Moeka is also from the future: False
> #1.5: They eventually wind up sending Suzuha's memory into the past: False (12)
> #2: Okabe/Mr. Braun is Suzuha's father: False (15)
> #3: Somehow, Kurisu and Suzuha will be saved: No sh*t Sherlock (Right before the end of Episode 22)
I don’t know about you guys, but while I’ll admit that SG had several flaws, slow pacing (in the second half; the first was rather mediocre) was definitely not a problem. I know I rated Dr. Who and Sherlock fairly (Dr. Who’s female lead was too normalfag for me to stomach and Daleks are narmy, while the latter was ok but wasn’t a proper mystery series at all since it gave no time for the viewer to make deductions), but especially given that she only got the most blatantly obvious predictions right, I think something’s wrong. Did I push the series too hard? Does it have to do with the fact that Daru, trap, and maid were too foreign? Am I missing something? Do females not like SG? Did she rate it poorly out of spite? Or is SG actually terrible and I’m not noticing?
>Newfag lurker here
Lurk more.
I'm sure reddit would love to talk about this more than we do.

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