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So I was wondering do you guys give back to the community? I'm just curious like, do you guys provide source for people, seed torrents for a bit or longer when they are finished? Put up an upload for things yourself?

Personally I seed somethings especially, if I really want to draw attention to them, but for the most part I don't. For Sadpanda though I do run the HATH client and will try to provide upload links or mirrors of files for people.

tl;dr Do you seed/upload/translate/source/ contribute to your peers? Don't feel bad if you don't this isn't about guilting people or being holier than thou. I'm just curious to see how many are out there.
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bump for curiosity.
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Looks pretty good to me.
I have 500 kbps of download and 20 kbps of upload speed, so I can't really download anything outside of freeleech.
I always seed back for a month/until i've seeded twice what i leeched, might be extended depending on the torrent rarity.
Even so, do you direct people where they can find something, or provide a link to an upload site? you can help people without having to do all hte upload portion.

Like recently (not too much of an example for you) uploaded ECM4 that I bought for people to get at on mediafire, then mirrored 1-3 as well, but I noticed other people providing my link to other people and was happy to see people helping each other out.
I seed a bit.
My UL caps at about 250kbps so I only manage to scrape by about 30 GB a month.
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Yeah I know how that is. I get about 500kbps but I usually leave HATH running since it fires off in bursts so as long as I got it running I don't see much of a detriment in internet quality unless I'm streaming something, then I pause it for some time until I'm done.

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