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This is Starscream from Transformers. He fused with a 14 year old in a bathroom in some crazy manga that didn't get released outside Japan because it was too pedo

I'm officially gay for Starscream
great, more "lol japan" albeit this seems interesting

File: 1204644402404.jpg (203 KB, 1028x1548)
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Canonically transformers have no genitailia ( (minus legions penis tongue) so you're just pedo for that girl with the mind of the greatest traitor in history

also you're picture left out starscreams just as planned face
Oh I forgot to add, Lol kissplay
File: 1204644471333.jpg (73 KB, 282x379)
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Any Megatron? or other Cybertronians?
What the fuck,
No seriously .... what the hell.
Kiss Play? If so this is the most mild of the weirdness from this manga.
No, anyone in their right mind would try to eat that girl out
File: 1204644653956.jpg (55 KB, 580x249)
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Kiss Players (キスぷれ, Kisu Pure) is a Japanese Transformers franchise which began in 2006.
The series derives its name from its (controversial) gimmick, which involves Transformers getting "power-ups" when they are kissed by human girls - the eponymous "Kiss Players" - who fuse with the robots and share their adventures. Although this plotline may seem like a shift in demographics to little girls, it is said that this line was aimed at a much older (and creepier) adult male audience. Indeed, the toys bear an "ages 15 and up" warning, and the subject matter of the accompanying manga is far from child-friendly.
File: 1204644689496.gif (456 KB, 288x219)
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how can you NOT be gay for starscream
in fact he kind of reminds me of akagi or kaiji or some other fukumoto character
such cool action figures too, I'm just too much of a pussy to import them because I dont wanna get labled a pedophile
File: 1204644709806.jpg (150 KB, 585x800)
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When the basic concept of Kiss Players—"toys with figures of cute girls"—first surfaced, the reaction from the Western fan community was generally unremarkable, amounting to little more than a bit of good-natured eye-rolling and mutterings of "Those wacky Japanese...but if that's what it takes to sell the toys...", understanding that there is a certain subset of collector who enjoys such things.

This reaction took a sharp turn, however, with the unveiling of the Dengeki Daioh manga. Although not featuring any explicit nudity or sexual content, the comic consists of a virtually unhalting stream of imagery that evokes various violent sexual situations, from the endless streams of viscous, white liquid that frequently splatter over the scantily-clad-to-nude cast members, to cowering, flush-faced, teary-eyed girls pressed against walls with their hips raised into the air, to the most (in)famous of all, the distinctive image of the Legion's blatant penis-tongue, leaking goo from a goddamn urethra. Putting the cherry on this sundae of depravity, the manga employs an art style that uses proportions specifically and deliberately designed to make the vast majority of its female characters appear as though they are underage (despite the fiction identifying them as being at least old enough to drive).
File: 1204644741239.png (778 KB, 800x600)
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also speaking of fukumoto, just found these on google
there are akagi ones too
File: 1204644906785.jpg (114 KB, 440x700)
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Posted in the wrong thread...

MORE penis tounge.
File: 1204644939621.jpg (110 KB, 452x700)
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They CANNOT be serious...

will delete if too NSFW.

Though it's just saliva.
Reactions ran the gamut from outright disgust to comedic derision, with most fans agreeing that the transformation of a children's toyline into borderline-pedophilia was a "bad thing." There was not a small number of people, however, who claimed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with such a thing, and that everyone else simply wasn't understanding it was a "cultural thing,"—"it" being...the enjoyment of rape imagery, apparently. This, of course, is in defiance of the fact that several Japanese fans were themselves openly decrying Kiss Players, fearing that American fans would think that this was somehow accepted as "normal" in Japan.
yes they run on naked lolis, hence why legion was trying to eat the one girl
I am gay for robots.

File: 1204645026529.jpg (205 KB, 874x650)
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205 KB JPG
That's TOTALLY not a penis.

read the rest here
I can't risk posting more
deleting the other pages soon.
Goddammit Japan.
lol japan

also raws are where

Deleted images.
You can find them at http://www.toyvey.com/kisskiss/manga/index.html
I love how they interconnected it to other series too, like optimus primes loli is actually Duke's from GIJoe's neice or someshit
anyone translating this?
just read the summaries on toyvey its not a rocket science sorta story
File: 1204645421900.jpg (134 KB, 1024x418)
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134 KB JPG
This shit even has fanart.
give me the pages of starscream being a loli
raw are where?
ofcourse it does, everything transformers has fanart
its like 4 pages then she kisses a jet to make a new starscream but before that happens they blow up the jet with starscreams ghost in it
Just give it to me already.

oh lawd
File: 1204645939542.jpg (88 KB, 600x855)
88 KB
Sorry to say that its old and I deleted it a while ago
File: 1204646214782.jpg (72 KB, 567x378)
72 KB
>I deleted it a while ago

File: 1204646481804.jpg (120 KB, 500x707)
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120 KB JPG
I'm not a pedophile, just a transformers fan so I deleted it after I finished reading
File: 1204646661216.jpg (305 KB, 500x823)
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305 KB JPG
I'm sure someone on /m/ still has it
what kind of /a/non are you if you delete borderline loli....
tsk tsk
File: 1204647120431.jpg (143 KB, 573x800)
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the kind that is'nt a pedophile
File: 1204647156287.jpg (167 KB, 573x800)
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que es este?
>>fearing that American fans would think that this was somehow accepted as "normal" in Japan.
you mean its not?

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