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2nd episode and... what is the plot for this show?
Fabulous guys doing fabulous things.
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The only good part of the episode.

Both OP and ED are pretty shitty btw, I had hopes they'd put T.M Revolution shouting some random engrish but got some boring ass song instead.
Leonardo da Vinci has developed a weaspon to overturn the world, powered by the third dragon and requiring an atypical pilot. The visions of Jeanne dArc are God's messages to da Vinci. The two mecha soldiers that died were noble sacrifices.

This is an anime about the West fighting against God/fate and losing, except da Vinci is using dArc as a mythical vehicle by spiking her food. This way, he ibtains the cooperation of thr easternrrs. Or else, it might be God fighting against fate with dArc and da Vinci as prophetess and kingmaker.

The balance of power between the two worlds seems overwhelmingly balanced in thr West's favor, but da Vinci overturns this naive notion and reveals the reason why the two worlds were on equal footing to be the brutality of West's leadership acting as a suffocating influence.

Of course, they gotta be Japanese. The moral of the storg is, wherever you are, however you might be, ya better watch iut, moverfucka, Japan can mobize itself out of sheer force of samurai honor and they gonna kil ya and take over China.
jeanne has all the plot i care about. hoping for doujins
You do realize that you won't see that plot for a long time, don't you? We Ranmaru now.
they could have her breasts popping out of her clothes every episode, or showing them being hot underneath it or some other entertaining hijinks

i look forward to it. this shit better not disappoint

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