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It's happening

We've done this thousands of times but.
Who do you think is going to be the VA for each one of the cast?
Tatsumi - Yuuichi Nakamura
Akame - Haruka Tomatsu
Mein - Yukari Tamura
Leone - Megumi Toyoguchi
Najenda - Akeno Watanabe
Susanoo - Jouji Nakata
Rabac - Takahiro Sakurai
Schere - Saori Hayami
Braht - Katsuyuki Konishi
Chelsea - Kaori Mizuhashi

Esdese - Miyuki Sawashiro
Kurome - Aoi Yuuki
Rain - Rina Satou
Wave - Jun Fukuyama
Seryuu - Eri Kitamura
Bors - Tomokazu Sugita
Dr. Stylish - Mamoru Miyano
It all comes down to the studio for this one
What's the manga like?

I have an interest to read it.
Nana Mizuki for Esdese

I don't care about the rest.
No, it has to be Sawashiro.
It's 2edgy4school
can't wait to see all that censorship
File: 1389549929419.jpg (187.85 KB, 942x960)
187.85 KB
187.85 KB JPG
Good catch OP.

It's a relaxing SoL you should read it
Sawashiro doesn't seem like quite the fit for Esdese. She could be used somewhere else though
I'm wondering if there'd be fights over it looking/being or whatever as a knockoff. RWBY came first to the western minds so idiots/weabs could/might say it even though the manga has been around for a while. Just speculation.
Dog OVA when
>That girl on the right
File: iERvASpx3.jpg (77.87 KB, 368x585)
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77.87 KB JPG
at last
It's like a typical RPG with harem elements except no one has plot armor.
If only Toei did non kids shows.

I just hope this gets done by a competent studio like Xebec or Bones.
Though it pains me but i guess i have to filter AKG once it airs since threads will be filled with shitposting and IRC shouting "this show is shit since it is 2edgy4you"
>no KanaHana
>no Yuuki Kaji
10/10 good list
I really hope that's not sarcasm.
>no one has plot armor.
Except Esdese.
Sounds alright, I'll give it a shot.
For now, along Tatsumi and Akame.
In before:

>CGI excursio
>Anime original ending
Good boy. Remember to get attached to every character.
Why would it be? I really mean it. Those two, specially the latter, should stop voice acting for a while. Their omnipresence is rather annoying.
Tatsumi will be Yuki Kaji and you will hate him more
File: 1362977121927.gif (1.58 MB, 320x180)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
It'll be done by ufotable and Incursio and Grand Chariot will look like Berserker
It's gonna be censored to shit and back, right?

And how are they gonna get people to watch it with all the shiny colors?
>Yuuichi Nakamura
I can't even imagine it. Too manly. Tatsumi was a little squirt in the beginning.
I think she would make a good Najenda.
Pls no. Just have them draw the backgrounds.
What studio are good when it come to manga adaptaton ?
I only remember Whte Fox because of Jormundgand.
It's going to be Trigger, with a silky smooth 24 frames per episodes.

If Trigger did AGK it would mean literally buckets of cum from me.
But anon DEEN is based now.
Junji Majima
Kotono Mitsuishi
Iori Nomizu
Chiwa Saito
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Chihara Minori
Yuuki Ono
Kaori Nazuka

Nana or Hikasa Yoko
Aki Toyosaki
Yuuichi Nakamura
Hiroshi Kamiya
Aoi Yuuki
Tsuyoshi Koyama
>Dr. Stylish
Mamoru Miyano

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