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I'm going to babysit a 11 year old girl in a couple hours, for the whole day.

What can I expect considering I am a pedophile? Any babysitters here?
Definitely not anything like loli.
There'll be lots of 3D pig-disgusting and plenty of v& at the end of it.
Try to get her to sit in your lap while you watch TV, I used to do this with a girl I babysat. It's pretty nice
The human child will be smelly, dirty and unattractive.
3d is pig disgusting, stick with 2d.
i realized my pedophilic side was much stronger than i thought... okay, scratch that, i'm a pedo. i learned that when i was 16 and my mom's fuckmeat of a milf friend told me to babysit her 11 year old daughter... notice "told me", not "asked me", and certainly not "paid me to". anyway, the payment was quickly realized when i had the most beautiful blonde girl i had ever seen in front of me. i kept it together but my heart was probably hammering hard enough to be measured via seismogram on the opposite side of the world. she had pouty lips, the most gorgeous face i have ever seen (think Ellen Page and Miley Cyrus, only younger), a slim attractive body with budding breasts (puffy nipples!), and a petite little waist with the cutest, most bubbly ass i have ever seen on an 11 year old. if i was ever capable of feeling love, it was that moment.

but it gets better. oh, so much better.
i already knew that bitch-mom of hers had a pool in the backyard, i had just never seen it (or her infinitely sexy daughter, for that matter). so as soon as dear, dumb mommy leaves, Sarah starts yapping away in her angelic voice about wanting to go for a swim. i had no swim trunks on me, i was 7 miles from my house, and i was running out of money to keep the car full of gas for that pay period. this was all irrelevant to me. i said it was fine, but i had to get my trunks first. i knew her mom would be pissy if she came home and found out her daughter was there and i wasn't, and she'd authorized things like trips to mcdonalds for food, so i did the most sensible thing and loaded Sarah into the front seat next to me, and just to get her close enough to feel her warm leg against mine, i fabricated some shit about the passenger side seat being busted. 1991 crown vics have bench seats in the front, so she sat in the middle. sure enough, her soft flesh was touching mine. i had an erection that was approaching diamond-hardness the entire drive to and from. and, i put on this "love tracks" CD that my ex-girlfriend had given me. i later learned that i was "grooming" this sweet, sexy 11 year old girl. but it wasn't over yet. i had my trunks now. it was time to get serious.
i changed into my suit in the bathroom the instant we got back to her house. her room was right across that hallway, so i took it upon myself to peer through the crack between the door and the frame as she changed, but didn't see anything good, only the occasional leg straying into my field of vision. i went downstairs when it looked like she was about ready to come out and sat in the kitchen, heart pounding like a war drum, cock standing stiff and at-attention. when she came downstairs, i just about shit bricks. she was wearing the TINIEST bikini i have EVER seen on anyone under 18 (i lifeguarded at swimming pools for a while after this hoping to find moar of this sort of thing) outside of cp. she seemed to pick up on my surprise and said she'd had it since she was 7 (lol, string bikinis for seven year olds? it's more likely than you think.) this girl was undoubtedly the sexiest thing i had ever seen, and no girl i've met since then of any age could evenly face her in a competition of beauty. i had imagined what it looked like under her clothes when i first saw her; now i was pretty much looking at it, a few small square inches were all that stood in the way.

unfortunately, i was so enamored and shocked, i had forgotten about the giant stiffy in my trunks. i stood up to go outside with her.
i got outside with the new love of my life, this blonde loli who i would have given anything to marry on the spot, and then she asked a question that makes my stomach bottom out to this day - "why is your penis hard?"

"uh... wut?"
"your penis is hard. doesnt that mean you want to have sex with a girl?"
"uh no, it doesnt always mean that, sometimes it just happens."
"i saw you looking at me like you thought i was cute."

oh shit.
if she talks like a stupid valley girl, idk my bff Jil, your pretty much fucked.
"i think you're cute."

the first "cute" comment caught me completely off guard. the next one had just about put me in a coma. so here i was, outside, with the most perfect girl i had ever seen in a string bikini that barely even covered her puffy little nipples, my erection raging, being told by said dream girl that i was cute (i still fail to grasp how she found me cute, most girls rejected me outright). so what did i do?

i laughed. not a giggle, but a bout of very nervous laughter. this made her giggle, which relieved me, a lot, and yet at the same time filled me with a new tension - resolve. i may not pooper her, but i'm going to get something dammit. so i asked after we stopped laughing, "cute enough to kiss?" what happened next seemed to happen in slow motion, but as i remember it, it should have lasted forever. she jumped onto me suddenly and planted a kiss on my lips. at first i recoiled, but i went into it, slipped her the tongue... all the time my woody was growing increasingly discontent. i was a good foot taller than she was and i was holding her up by her muscular little ass and her back. with a flick of my fingertips, i undid the bra clasp. a few seconds of kissing later and i set her down.

then she asked, not sounding distressed at all, "why'd you unhook my swimsuit?" i swallowed a nervous lump, this was it, i'd pushed it too far. but no. she laughed again. "now i know you want to have sex. with me. im not going to uh, do it with you, but you can see me if you want!" she pulled her bra straps down. her small pink nipples were almost just like i imagined. she started tugging at her panty-like bottom. right as i could start to see the top of the light pubic hair appearing, my dick had seen enough. i realized with shock, embarassment, and horror that i was shooting in my pants.
"now you have to," she said, once she was completely naked. my cock was still hard as rock, and was covered in greasy cum now too. i searched my mind for possible excuses but kept them to myself. "come on!" she said laughingly. "you want me to take them off for you?"

this is quite possibly the first moment i realized i was destined for greater things. "yes." i replied. and - with no hesitation, right away, fucking INSTANTLY - she was in front of me. i had a naked 11 year old girl pulling my swimsuit off.

ok, break time, the memory is very much stuck in my head right now. i have to fap.
fucking firefox killed itself on me as i was typing out the next part, which was going to be the last, so here's the tl;dr version because i don't feel like retyping that.

loli pulls my pants down seeing the cum on my penis i get her to taste some she reacts indifferently we go into pool naked swim i make out with her in pool we come inside and shower the chlorine off together which leads to more making out and a blowjob two hours later mom gets home and i go home and cant get her out of my head for the next month and a half.
3 and a half years I have lurked /a/ and 4chan and I still don't feel the pedo like so many from /a/ do.... DFC ect.
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