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So I hear I can't do image dumps of Mujaki no Rakuen anymore because /a/ is too Christian. Is that true?
Let us all gather and masturbate.
Blue board = Christian.

Okay, guess all future dumps will be in ecchi then
Read the rules, /b/ is your only hope now.
File: rakuen2_018_019inc.png (2.60 MB, 1900x1422)
2.60 MB
2.60 MB PNG
Guess I'll get this started.

I didn't notice your name. Is it time for a new chapter? Please say yes.
Don't use questionable images as thread starter or it won't last for long. This one's cool.
It's a shame. It's manga but you can't post on manga board.
Thanks for the translations, Mankitsu scans.
When is the next chapter coming?
So why should she be saying she's flat as a board when she's showing off her pussy? Shouldn't that be something like "smooth as silk"? And "BWOOAAH" is stupid when the original is probably くぱあ. It's mimetic, not onomatopoeic. But still, you rock, Mankitsu.

I dunno. I still have to figure out which board to use though. Guess I may have to use /e/ or /b/


Yeah, it's supposed to be a general circulation manga but >naked lolis
Did you get banned when you tried to post it earlier?
Just post the credit page in the OP and then dump the chapter. Spoiler the lewd pages.
File: 20120824132222b01.jpg (147.07 KB, 500x607)
147.07 KB
147.07 KB JPG

If I don't hear from the typesetter this week, I may have to just typeset the chapter myself.


How would you translate "ほらみてみ、ウチのペッタンコやで"? Anyways, read the chapter, she's talking about how she doesn't have a dick like boys do. And blame the "bwooah" on the previous typesetter having too much fun.
Post here, please.

I'm afraid of teenagers with nothing better to do reporting spoilered lewd images to the mods
Stop trying to make me dere, dude.

I-It's not like I want you to dump the chapter. b-baka!

>On the subject of NSFW, it is still against board rules. This means no nipples, cock, and pussy. Although sad panda threads and discussion of hentai series are fine, posting NSFW images is not. Nudity that occurs in non-pornographic anime/manga are fine, including nipple slips in blu-ray versions, but they should ideally be spoilered.

It's kinda old, so I don't know if moot or the mods changed their mind about this, but still.

I mean, if shit like that wasn't fine then we wouldn't have TLR dumps.
>she's talking about how she doesn't have a dick like boys do
OK, fair point, but still, "flat as a board" is usually referring to a girl's chest. How about some sort of play on "innie" and "outie"? It's maybe a bit infantile, but it would fit with her age.
>Nudity that occurs in non-pornographic anime/manga are fine
This non-pornographic manga doesn't even have much nudity. If they ban this, they have to ban toloveru too.

>muh double standards
Don't. Do. This. She obviously doesn't know that "pettanko" usually means DFCs, that's the whole joke.


Okay, but don't get the wrong idea. I'm only doing this because I'm bored, not because I like you or anything (tsun)
File: Spoiler Image (1.06 MB, 1263x1800)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG

Girl: I hate having gym class in 5th period.
sfx: Murmur Murmur
Girl: I’m already tired and full from lunch.

Rio: Aren’t you going to change, Sayo?
Sayo: Rio-chan
Rio: Does your stomach hurt?

Sayo: No
Sayo: It’s just...
>And blame the "bwooah" on the previous typesetter having too much fun.
File: 26.png (1.02 MB, 1266x1800)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG

Sayo: I think I’m about to about to
Sayo: conceive Shouta-kun’s baby.
sfx: Rub Rub
lower left: Paradise 22: False Accusations in Paradise
File: 27.png (851.42 KB, 1264x1800)
851.42 KB
851.42 KB PNG

sfx: Chirp Chirp
Rio: What is wrong with you?!

Shouta: What the hell are you talking about?
Rio: Don’t play dumb! Sayo’s worried that she’s pregnant with your kid!
Shouta: Whaat?

Shouta: Hold on, she can’t possibly be having my...
Shouta: Ah

sfx: Twist
Shouta: She still fucking believes she can get pregnant through kissing?

Rio: So something DID happen!
Rio: Come on, spill the beans!
>MC was a loser
>accidentally travels back in time
>all the lolis have a crush or is tsundere for MC

You now realized that the girls all do loved the MC before this time travel gimmick, but he was so fucking beta at the time that he missed all chances with them
File: 28.png (971.86 KB, 1266x1800)
971.86 KB
971.86 KB PNG

Shouta: I-It was Sayo who kissed ME!
Rio: Haa? You can’t get pregnant through kissing!
Shouta: Tell me about it!

Manatsu: Whatcha two doing?
sfx: Step

sfx [by manatsu’s feet]: Tap Tap

Rio: Manatsu-chan!
Shouta: Fuck, here comes trouble.
Manatsu: Lemme guess, my lackey’s done messed up again, has he?

Shouta: I-I didn’t do nothing!
Rio: Actually, he...
Or this is after-life, as the name implies "Paradise of Innocence".
File: 29.png (879.24 KB, 1264x1800)
879.24 KB
879.24 KB PNG

Manatsu: No fooling? But kids ain’t supposed to be havin’ kids!
Rio: What a dirtbag.

Manatsu: So Shouta, how do you make girls pregnant?
Shouta: I didn’t make anyone pregnant!
Shouta: If you’re curious about that, ask Rio!

Rio: Uh, yeah... about that...

Shouta: Wait, you’re saying you don’t know?
sfx: Gape
Rio: I... I’m not an idiot!
Rio: I know all about that dirty stuff!

Rio: N... Not that I’m interested or anything.
Rio: Anyway, how are you going to answer for Sayo?
>MC was already dead and is in the pearly gate
>Angel is reviewing MC's action from his youth to the moment he dies (all the chapters in the manga so far)
>Angel in the end sends MC to hell. The reason: "For being a fucking beta"
File: 30.png (814.54 KB, 1266x1800)
814.54 KB
814.54 KB PNG

Shouta: Screw you!
Shouta: Even if she is pregnant, the baby’s not mine!
Rio: But Sayo said that it WAS your baby!

Shouta: Then prove that I actually did her!

Rio: Fine...

Rio: I’ll prove it. Now take off your clothes.

Shouta: Huh?
File: 31.png (780.04 KB, 1264x1800)
780.04 KB
780.04 KB PNG

Rio: I heard on TV that guys who cheat on women have hickeys on their chests.
Rio: So that would mean we’ll find a hickey somewhere on your body!

Manatsu: Great idea! Rio-chan, you’re smart!

Manatsu: Okay, Shouta, show us!
Shouta: I don’t have one! This isn’t some soap opera!

Rio: The fact that you’re resisting means you’re guilty.
sfx: Stretch
Rio: Manatsu-chan, hold him!

Shouta: S-Stop!
sfx: Tie Tie
Shouta: Heeey!
File: 32.png (965.38 KB, 1266x1800)
965.38 KB
965.38 KB PNG

sfx: Strapped
sfx: Tight

sfx: Wheeze Wheeze
Rio: Handa Shouta, you are hereby under investigation for impregnating a girl.
Shouta: F...

Shouta: Fuuck! Why am I, a guy who always had to pay for sex, being accused of sleeping around? Talk about cruel!

Manatsu: All right, where’s that hickey?
sfx: Slip
Manatsu: Ah

Manatsu: Is this it?
sfx: Poke Poke
sfx: Push Push
File: 33.png (929.20 KB, 1264x1800)
929.20 KB
929.20 KB PNG

Shouta: Stop
Shouta: Stop poking!
sfx: Ahoo
sfx: Ahoo
sfx: Gasp
sfx: Gasp
sfx[belly]: Push Push
Rio: Hmm, I don’t think so.

Manatsu: How about this?
Shouta: Hee!
Rio: A cut?
Manatsu: Or this?
Shouta: Hoo!
Rio: Belly button.

Manatsu: I-I found it!
sfx: Twist Twist
Shouta: That’s a freaking mole!

Rio: I guess we’ll have to go with a method that’s foolproof.
Manatsu: What method?
Rio: Ahem
Rio: I read this in one of my sister’s copy of AMAM.

Trolling, obviously. If it were for that no Index threads (which, as you know, are abundant as all fuck here) would be so much as thought to be allowed, not even mention to the series, considering how it portrays Catholicism and Christianism.

Unless of course you are the one trolling, then you got me, but I caught you as well! So I guess it's 0/10 for both of us, just dump that shit already.

Captcha: combinado htsolyu. Yijole cabrón!
Are you new around here?
Serious question.
File: 34.png (902.57 KB, 1266x1800)
902.57 KB
902.57 KB PNG

Rio: Whenever a man has relations,
sfx[by rio’s hand]: Point
Rio: their thing gets peeled and they become an adult!
sfx: Rumble Rumble
Manatsu: Ohhh

Manatsu: Really? You know everything, Rio-chan!
Rio: Well, yeah!
Manatsu: How does the skin on a wee-wee peel off?
Rio: Uh, it sort of tears off.
Manatsu: Wow, like molten skin off a bug!
Shouta: That doesn’t happen!

Manatsu: Then lessee if you got a kid wee-wee or a grownup wee-wee.
sfx: Gleam
Shouta: D-Don’t! It’s not peeled back! It won’t prove anything!
File: Spoiler Image (1.01 MB, 1264x1800)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>>100191543 (spoilering because of shouta butt)

Manatsu: Come on, come on!
Shouta: Don’t do it!

sfx: Drop

sfx: Dingle
sfx: Bwoah

Manatsu: Kyahaha! Now THAT'S tiny!
Rio: Giggle, he’s not a kid, he’s a grandkid!
Shouta: Quit laughing!

Manatsu: Rio-chan, do skins peel off girls too?
Rio: Uh, of course!

Rio: It comes off where you pee...?
Manatsu: Really?!
damn is that small ?
File: Spoiler Image (941.39 KB, 1266x1800)
941.39 KB
941.39 KB PNG
>>100191694 (spoilering for obvious reasons)

sfx: Slip
Manatsu: Where? Tell me where it is, Rio-chan!

Shouta: Dwaah!

sfx: Poomf Poomf
Manatsu: I can’t see my own crotch real well.
File: Spoiler Image (858.10 KB, 1264x1800)
858.10 KB
858.10 KB PNG
wait for it


Rio: Manatsu-chan! Cover yourself up! Shouta’s watching!
sfx: Panic

Manatsu: I don’t mind.
Manatsu: I’ve already shown it to him many times.

Rio: Shouta, say something to her!
sfx: Grimace
Shouta: It’s your fault for saying that half-baked crap.

Manatsu: No, I still can’t see my own. Show me yours, Rio-chan!

Rio: Eh? Hey, Manatsu-chan!
sfx: Pull
Rio: Stop!
File: Spoiler Image (1.04 MB, 1266x1800)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

sfx: Strip
Manatsu: There!

Rio: Yaaah! Shouta, don’t look!
sfx: Turn
Shouta: I... I’m not looking!
File: Spoiler Image (796.90 KB, 1264x1800)
796.90 KB
796.90 KB PNG

Shouta: I’m not gonna look! I am a rational and responsible adult, so get a grip! What they’re doing is in no way sexy!
Shouta: That’s just Manatsu being curious about the human body! It is perfectly natural and healthy!

Rio: Ah! Manatsu-chan, this is embarrassing!
sfx: Spread Spread
Manatsu: What’s that little thing sticking out?
Rio: Don’t... touch that!

Manatsu: Hey look, it’s gotten real big!
Rio: Ah!

Shouta: Hm?
sfx: Peek
File: Spoiler Image (866.65 KB, 1266x1800)
866.65 KB
866.65 KB PNG

Manatsu: Wow, he’s full grown!
Rio: Whoa, it’s so big...
Shouta: Nooooo!
sfx: Tap Tap
sfx [top of rio’s hand]: Poke Poke
sfx [dick]: Stiff

Manatsu: Does this mean Shouta’s guilty?
sfx: Rub Rub

Rio: Y... Yes, it does.
sfx: Push Push
File: Spoiler Image (999.03 KB, 1265x1800)
999.03 KB
999.03 KB PNG

Manatsu: But there’s still skin all the way to the tip.
Shouta: Aiee
Shouta: Stop!
sfx: Poke Poke
sfx: Squeeze Squeeze
Rio: H... He probably grew some new skin.
Manatsu: Ah, I see some stuff coming out!

Shouta: My heart only belongs to Konomi-chan!

Shouta: I will not be seduced by any other girls!
sfx: Grip
sfx: Clench
thank you based mankitsu
File: Spoiler Image (914.28 KB, 1266x1800)
914.28 KB
914.28 KB PNG

Shouta: I only love
sfx: Squeeze
Shouta: Konomi-chan!

Manatsu: Shouta...
Rio: Wh... Why did you say that?

sfx: Crunch
>touching his D with a stick
>üants down
This manga.
File: Spoiler Image (932.88 KB, 1265x1800)
932.88 KB
932.88 KB PNG

Yes, you're welcome


Sayo: Shouta-kun...
Shouta: Sayo?!

Shouta: Why’d she have to show up now?

Rio: Sayo, it’s not what you...
sfx: Pull

Sayo: Shouta-kun, you’re in love with Konomi-chan?
File: 44.png (772.62 KB, 1266x1800)
772.62 KB
772.62 KB PNG

Sayo: You two are perfect for each other!
Sayo: Since I love you, Sayo wants you to be happy!

Shouta: Sayo...
Sayo: I’ll do everything to support you in your quest for love!

Sayo: But I still want to have your baby.
Shouta: Ehhh?
sfx: Ding-Dong-Ding
Shouta: Innocence is... too scary!
Manatsu: As your boss, I won’t allow this!
File: rakuen2_045.jpg (581.93 KB, 1106x1600)
581.93 KB
581.93 KB JPG
Now to wait for the eventual ban...
They want a harem dude, go for it holy shit you're dead anyway.
What ever happened to making sure he meets his life's goals like the other girls did?

Seems like he's destined to be a professional gigolo rather than make video games.

If this isn't purgatory so that he can accept his own death by drowning
I fucking love this artist, his girls are way too cute, just look at that >>100189961
>most of his hentai works are rape
I love him for his art, but I also hate him.
File: 06.jpg (241.38 KB, 840x1200)
241.38 KB
241.38 KB JPG

If only someone did "Itsunomanika Shoujo wa"
Oh, looks like I'm banned.

See you guys later!
If only it wasn't censored as hell.
What the fuck, fucking mods, fuck moot.
Wait seriously?
Are you kidding me?
>Not allowed on batoto anymore
>don't feel like reading it anywhere else
I'll just catch up when its finished I guess
At least the dump was completed, thanks for your sacrifice.
Kiss Manga is actually pretty good.
I don't think he was banned as the pics are still there.
mods busy fapping before deleting this thread.

Anytime now
I really REALLY hope that Uran will make some official H-doujin with these characters.
Download it, pleb.
Thanks for continuing to work on this mango, it has quickly become one of my favorites.
File: chap6.jpg (43.26 KB, 314x272)
43.26 KB
43.26 KB JPG
I guess it looks like I'm not allowed to post pictures anymore
That was hot.

Or not. So how did a page from "Itsunomanika Shoujo wa" get replaced by Mokochi?
Image swaps, newfag.
File: chap7.jpg (42.05 KB, 274x319)
42.05 KB
42.05 KB JPG

Okay good, I thought it was their clever way of banning me from posting pictures
Read feedback please.
God damn, the yazuka's daughter (or any other lolis) is many times superior the actress loli. Actress loli just looks so plain and generic
Scared of heights/Judo girl is best girl.
>If you are discussing a series, or something actually related to anime or manga, then you can post on /a/. If you just want to share images related to a theme, with little or no meaningful discussion ("best waifu" or "your waifu a slut" doesn't constitute meaningful discussion), then you should post on /e/.
>With respect to a consistent standard for what is and is not SFW, any nudity or sexually explicit content is NSFW. The only exception are the non-sexually explicit images that occur in non-ero anime and manga series. Barely censored content doesn't get a pass either, nor does incorrectly spoilering NSFW images (which is a bannable offense).
Looking at it, Mujaki no Rakuen should be allowed if it's dumping the manga and discussing it, no?
So where's the best to read this since it looks like Batoto are faggots?
Thanks Anon.
>not downloading it straight to your tablet from scanlator site (mangatraders is decent alternative if you read as much shit as I do and can't always remember to check on different series/what chapter you last read. Does update slow sometimes.)

I really hope you fucking put the title of the what the fuck you want to talk about in the fucking Subject field you
The mangaka released some preview pics of his new doujinshi "Seikatsu Shidou" on pixiv.

I'm still mad none of his recent works get translated.
Someone get working on that. I like how he draws his lolis.
File: 1389482380251.png (514.31 KB, 1109x1600)
514.31 KB
514.31 KB PNG
I absolutely adore this manga. Part of me wishes the MC was a bit better and that it had a bit more actual plot, but it's incredibly hot.

Also, why do I always end up liking the no-fun-allowed Nazi-dere girls?

I like the actress loli the least. She's cute but she's also kinda boring.
File: Mu3_069.png (557.27 KB, 1105x1600)
557.27 KB
557.27 KB PNG
Nako a best.
Because the thought of breaking them into enjoying the feeling of being cummed inside.
>Dat ZR and dat constant use of thigh highs

Truly the best girl according to my dick.
File: Mu3_139.jpg (992.34 KB, 1105x1600)
992.34 KB
992.34 KB JPG

I don't know why the doujins that he puts out aren't any where near the quality of this or his H stuff.

I wish someone would translate this http://exhentai.org/g/602315/740e5b5a3a/. The tank version was unfortunately butchered by censoring.
File: Descartes.jpg (151.41 KB, 817x1000)
151.41 KB
151.41 KB JPG
All those missed opportunities.

The mangaka drew this doujin? It doesn't say who did.

I'm talking about the preview here >>100201261 and these two things http://exhentai.org/g/630763/5b4bf75106/ http://exhentai.org/g/544107/baf496775a/
u blind, m8?

I...I guess I am. I take it that's a yes?
lurking without my pants on. I'm bumpin this badboy
Has ch18 been translated? Did I miss a dump for it? Fuck.

We're still waiting on the typesetter to send in chapter 18


The team talked about doing that too, but getting caught up with Mujaki no Rakuen is obviously first priority

You would use the magazine scans though, right? Ghost dick and vagina is unappealing.
This chapter was too sexy.

Yeah, but remember, chapter 4 from the Comic Megastore version is missing, plus the tank version has some added scenes and a few more stories.

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