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What you watching /a/?
Everything. What do I win?
Why is this missing shows?
And why is Space Dandy twice in there?
>not watching nobunagun
What's the matter OP, to much dakka?
Refined gentleman-normalfag-moefag-basement dweller-shit eater-no one reporting in.
I don't watch ongoings.
>not watching it
Refined Gent/No one here.

>Kill Le Shit sucks
If only all of /a/ thought so...
>Nobody is watching nobunagan
>WUG is moe in the slightest

Work more on your bait, it's retarded at first sight.
Every season I wonder what the difference between moefags and basement dwellers is supposed to be
You forgot
>Unneeded sequel with rampant moeblob yet still better than 95% of the shows this season
Chuunibyou Ren
Almost everything bar Sakura Shit.

I suppose moefags - cute girl doing cute things, basement dwellers - harems.
I just realized that I picked up 12 shows this season.
just space dandy and KLK, I'm mainly working on my backlog
Canadafags are cancer you guys get mentioned in anime and start to circlejerk into oblivion

Wizard Barristers for worst anime this season.
Your char is bait, that being said...

>Wizard Barristers
>Sekai Seifuku
>Tonari no Seki-kun
>Space Dandy
>Pupa (It's shit, I know).
>Nobunaga The Fool
>Super Sonico
>Space Dandy
>Toaru Hikushi etc.
>Sakura Trick
>Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Past seasons

> Shinsekai yori
> Welcome to the NHK (Yes, is from 2006...)
I forgot

> Robot Girlz Z
> Pupa (Shit)
>tfw watching at least 1 thing from every category except fujoshit.
>tfw I will never have face
Witch Craft Works (the manga is good)
Nobunagun (enjoy it to the fullest! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)
Nobunaga the Fool ([kawamori intensifies])
Sekai Seifuku (silly and not overly sexualized)
The Pilot's Love Song (i love this director, cool setting)
PuPiPo! (moe)
Tonari no Seki-kun (the manga is good)
Sakura Trick (a lesbillion)

Space Dandy (the animation is good at least)
Robot Girls Z (my /m/ powerlevel is too low)
Buddy Complex (how average.)

Pupa (the birth of a new worst anime ever? probably)
Mahou Senou (about 10% better than HnA ep1)

...and probably Wizard Barristers.

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