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There is one thing that I donĀ“t understand:

Why the characters that inhabit the Eastern Star were contemporaries in real world, and its aspects and personalities resemble a free interpretation of the facts, while Western Star may be 1500 years distant in time, have totally anachronistic aspects or even change sex?

The other big question is: Why Eastern Star is only Japan, while in the West is, like a blender, all the fucking Europe and beyond (in the episode 2 I saw even a moor)

I think before do free interpretations of history, it should learn a little about history and maintain consistency. I think this series would be one of the best of the season if the characters have different names
because the animators know japanese history very well, and so do their audiences.

they do not know western history well and their audiences don't care.
Same reason why American and European fiction depicts every Asian country to be filled with samurai and ninjas.

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