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Things that people say about anime that make aggravate you.

>saying you actually like the ending of Evangelion(not the movies but the original show's ending)

hipster faggots
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whoops typo.

>that aggravate*
The original show's ending IS good. You're a fucking idiot if you think there's something "hipsterish" about claiming that. Kill yourself.
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>It's a deconstruction
I like it. I think EoE is more spectacular and has god-tier action scenes, but 25-26 is still a great and enjoyable mindfuck.
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no u

Running out of money isn't an excuse for "deconstruction." Granted it does rip apart the mech genre why else would they try and remake the ending if it didn't blow?
Fuck off back to reddit with your shitty macros. You're clearly not from here.
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>you're clearly not from here
>Moeblob shows are not 99% ultra boring bullshit
>why else would they try and remake the ending if it didn't blow?
You sound like the kind of retard who'd watch Michael Bay movies. Just stop talking about anime altogether. Even a casual would have a better grasp of what Eva is about than you.
I get that it was supposed to be Shinji coming to grasps and getting over all of his trauma. Becoming accepted in the world, and what not. Just to drop the whole plot of the show right at the climax. Come on.
File: U8WfK5V.jpg (111.43 KB, 1440x900)
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Kirino isn't the best girl.
>Things that people say

other people's opniions aren't anime
I actually liked the ending of Evangelion TV until I actually sat down and thought about it. I really wish they hadn't run out of money at that point because would have possible wound up with something easier to digest. I liked the introspection into each important character, but the conclusion at the very end is lackluster to me now that I look back at it. I don't think there was a need for a flashy final battle against an angel at that point, but I'm not satisfied with the conclusion, nor how Shinji arrived at it.

Oh, and there is definitely nothing hipster about liking the TV ending. That's just silly. There's no need to call other people "hipster" for something like that.

Using the very term "deconstruction" for just about anything these days tends to aggravate me. I feel like people just throw that word around at anything just to sound intelligent and convince themselves that they are watching something that is supposedly better than what the dumb masses are consuming.

As for other things that aggravate me...

>Using the word "animes" instead of just anime

>THIS will save the anime industry

>Anything about honorifics or arguing over how to pronounce something properly

>The idea that fansubs are "just for fun" and that people who want accurate subs are taking things too seriously
b-but thats actually a fact
Was it ever confirmed that they just run out of money?
Yeah, if you're autistic.
Yeah it was.
well she sure is not the best, she is just the only one.
All the other girls didn't even REALLY love him like she did. They were just in there to "admit" there love for the harem situation I think.
>but I'm not satisfied with the conclusion, nor how Shinji arrived at it.

I can see this, but while the series ending may feel somewhat triumphant, I believe in the end he only slightly changed his state of mind, so it doesn't feel that far-fetched. It's not that he will actually be happy or stronger for all we know, he just considers the possibility of it which is a huge step forward and that's a thing I like. There's also 24+ episodes of development and relationships continuously changing plus being merged with the entirety of humanity to take into account.

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