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Heaven or Hell?
Nanoha grew up. Sakura wins by default.
Hmmm... sorry OP, I have no way of telling who would cum first. I'm sure they're both very skilled, having practiced so often on their respective bitches.
she might be scary when she goes berserk with her über magic. But Nanoha is main chara shield so she can't die
erase card solves all problem

If Nanoha tries to go into befriending mode, Tomoyo will finish her off. In matters of Sakura I don't think Tomoyo knows what mercy means.
Same with Fate. She can be pretty scary at times.

Then again, I'm sure Hayate would somehow talk all four of them into an orgy.
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Do not give up Sakura, just as you were relegated to becoming a support character by Nelvana dub, the white devil herself may face the very same fate once her show is licensed!

♪神曲 クリティウスの牙
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You know, the first "Hayate" I thought of was <attached picture>.
Nanoha is hax, but it's conventional high-power hax.
Sakura... is just plain hax. There's no real limits to what she can do, so long as there's a card or a combination of cards for it.
Sakura is god, Nanoha is the finger of god.
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Bah. Anyone from HIME or Otome would kick their asses. Even Yukino.
As magical girls go, the HiME are fucking piss weak. And Shizuru is the failest Mary Sue ever.
sakura grew up too, you slowpoke.
I don't know about that. Mai is pretty fucking strong by the end of HIME. And let's not get started on the Otome.
Otome were like nuclear-powered cyborgs. At the very best, I'd say they could go toe-to-toe with an angry Nanoha. If she wasn't REALLY trying to kill them. And Mai wasn't powerful, she was cheating. Kagutsuchi is the GOD OF MOTHERFUCKING FIRE.
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Tengen Toppa wins
Wrong. Tengen Toppa fails under its own sheer ludicrousness.

>>Wrong. Tengen Toppa crushes everything under its own sheer cocksize.

Rena is godly hax in S.ifr.

Until her GEM broke anyway. I'm sure she'll be even more broken once she gets the blue one.
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how about Mayu Vs the numbers. android vs cyborgs
And then collapses under its own recockulousness and MASS.

You mean MIYU?

Both. Because Sakura is SO nice, she wouldn't want to fight Nanoha, and Nanoha wouldn't 'befriend' Sakura, because she's looking for the Clow Cards, which are completely different to the Jewel Seeds Nanoha is looking for. If anything, they'd help each other look for their respective lost magic items (now THERE'S a crossover fic I'd like to read!).

And the fact there's simply not enough matter in our observable universe to create a mecha of that size. And it'd take more energy than what started the Big Bang to power it, and there's not enough of that, due to gradual entropy. Therefore Gurren Lagann FAILS.
>And the fact there's simply not enough matter in our observable universe to create a mecha of that size

It's currently estimated that there are over 100 billion galaxies in the universe. There's more than enough matter to create Tengen Toppa.
Nanoha: lost logica located, status: dangerous, have found multiple units collecting lost logia. presumed hostile. mission prerogative: locate lost logia, disable and incarcerate potential hostile units before they endanger the dimensional stability

Unless the Lost Logia were also created by Clow Reed too.

'There is no such thing as coincidence. Only Hitsuzen.'

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sakura wins
isn't there some fighting doujin game that has nanoha and sakura in?

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